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The bright image of a man with a bowl-shaped head makes the Kingston logo futuristic. The emblem reflects the power and volume of the memory media created by the company. The sign is a symbol of future technologies that exceed human capabilities.

Kingston: Brand overview

Founder:John Tu, David Sun
Fountain Valley, California, United States
Kingston is an international corporation headquartered in California. It has existed since 1987 and specializes in everything related to computer memory. Produces a wide range of flashcards, USB drives, and SSDs for any task.

Meaning and History

Kingston Logo History

The company’s trademark is the cut-off head. First (in 1989), she appeared on an advertising poster with the words “Improve Your Memory.” Nearby were depicted hands that installed memory modules into an open skull. In 1992, graphic designer Fraser redesigned the drawing, adding brightness and volume to it. The artist proposed several options, and one of them (the head against the background of computer elements) became an emblem.

The next logo update took place in 2003. The technology components disappeared. The redhead, dubbed the Rex, has barely changed. As before, she is deployed in a half-face and is covered with black shadows that form angular facial features.

What is Kingston?

Kingston is a privately held US company that manufactures and markets digital accessories and various memory-related accessories worldwide. It appeared in 1987 and was founded by businessmen John Tu and David Sun.

Kingston: Interesting Facts

Kingston Technology Company, also known as Kingston, is an American company that makes memory and storage devices. Founded in 1987 by John Tu and David Sun, it started small but has become a major player in the tech world.

  1. Starting Small: Kingston began with a groundbreaking memory chip made in a garage for the IBM PC/AT. This product addressed the need for more memory in computers at the time.
  2. Quick Success: Kingston’s sales jumped to over $140 million in just three years, thanks to the tech boom and the demand for reliable memory products.
  3. Sharing Success: In 1996, the founders gave their employees about $100 million in stock and sold most of the company to Softbank for $1.5 billion. Later, they bought it back at a much lower price, keeping their team’s interests at heart.
  4. Expanding Products: Kingston began with memory modules but now makes USB drives, flash cards, SSDs, and gaming gear. In 2021, they sold their HyperX gaming brand to HP Inc.
  5. Worldwide Operations: Kingston sells products in over 125 countries and has manufacturing sites in the U.S., the UK, Ireland, Taiwan, and China, showing its global footprint.
  6. Quality Focus: Known for strict quality checks, Kingston ensures all products work well and last long, earning a strong reputation for reliability.
  7. Giving Back: Kingston supports education, environmental efforts, and health programs, showing its commitment to making a difference.
  8. Leading the Market: Kingston has been the top memory module maker for third-party markets for over ten years, proving its leadership and innovative spirit.

Kingston’s rise from a garage startup to a global leader in tech shows its dedication to innovation, quality, and caring for its team and community. Kingston remains a key figure in pushing technology forward.

Font and Colors

Kingston Emblem

On the modern emblem, the famous graphic symbol is supplemented with a wordmark. A scaled-down version of the redhead is on the left and the “Kingston” lettering on the right. It is depicted in bold with small, pointed serifs. The original typography features “g” without a bottom loop and “t” with a triangular top.

The letter “K” is uppercase; the rest are lowercase. Despite this, “i”, “n”, “g”, “s”, “t”, “o”, “n” are located on the same level with “K”. They are slightly raised because right below them is the inscription “Technology” – the company’s slogan, indicating constant development and improvement. The second-word font looks like a modified Tom’s Roman. All letters are uppercase, with no decorative elements or serifs. The lines are thin, of equal thickness.

Kingston Symbol

The colors of the logo match the classic palette. The Rex’s head is traditionally red. It is complemented by deep dark shadows and three light stripes (on the nose, above the eyebrow, and next to the ear). The wordmark is deep black.


What does Kingston sell?

Kingston Technology is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of memory products. The brand offers a wide range of memory solutions for various industries and customers worldwide. These products include eMMC, eMCP, ePOP, and DRAM components.

eMMC is used in smartphones, tablets, and other devices where reliable, compact storage is important. eMCP combines different types of memory, such as DRAM and NAND flash, into one package, providing better performance and space efficiency. ePOP integrates multiple memory types and a processor into a single package, making it a compact and efficient solution for mobile devices. DRAM components are essential for computers, servers, and other electronic devices, offering high-speed data processing.

What is the Kingston logo?

The logo shows a man with the lower half of his head. This design comes from a 1989 ad by the brand. The top half of the head is replaced with various memory modules. The ad included the slogan “Improve your memory,” highlighting the company’s focus on memory products. The image symbolizes enhanced memory capacity, matching the brand’s mission.

Is Kingston a Chinese company?

This American company, founded by John Tu and David Sun, has its head office in Fountain Valley, California. It is known for its high-quality memory products, including RAM, SSDs, USB drives, and other storage solutions.

The company has a global presence with production sites in China, the USA, Ireland, and the UK. These locations help meet demand in different markets and provide cost-effective production. The factories in China cater to the Asian market, while those in the USA, Ireland, and the UK serve customers in North America and Europe.

The brand’s extensive manufacturing capabilities ensure quick and efficient delivery of products worldwide.

Who owns Kingston?

Kingston Technology Corporation, a privately held company, owns the Kingston brand. It was founded in 1987 by two American businessmen, John Tu and David Sun, who still lead the company.

John Tu and David Sun are key figures in the tech industry. Their leadership has made the brand a top name in memory products. Starting as a small company, it has grown into a global brand known for high-quality memory solutions.

Being privately held means the company is not on the stock market. This allows the founders to control the company’s operations and goals. Their vision and dedication have driven the brand’s success.

Is Kingston from Toshiba?

No, the company is not from Toshiba. In 2018, Toshiba sold its NAND chip division to a group that includes Kingston Technology. This $18 billion deal happened because Toshiba had financial problems.

The group that bought Toshiba’s NAND division has several companies, with Kingston as a key member. This deal helped the brand improve its position in the memory market by using Toshiba’s advanced technology.

The brand is still an independent American company. This acquisition expanded its abilities and product range in memory and storage. The brand continues to operate separately from Toshiba, focusing on high-quality memory solutions for its customers worldwide.