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Kingston Logo

Kingston Logo
Kingston Logo PNG

Kingston is an international corporation headquartered in California. It has existed since 1987 and specializes in everything related to computer memory. Produces a wide range of flashcards, USB drives, and SSDs for any task.

Meaning and History

Kingston Logo History
Evolution of the Kingston Logo

What is Kingston?

Kingston is a privately held US company that manufactures and markets digital accessories and various memory-related accessories worldwide. It appeared in 1987 and was founded by businessmen John Tu and David Sun.

The company’s trademark is the cut-off head. First (in 1989), she appeared on an advertising poster with the words “Improve Your Memory.” Nearby were depicted hands that installed memory modules into an open skull. In 1992, graphic designer Fraser redesigned the drawing, adding brightness and volume to it. The artist proposed several options, and one of them (the head against the background of computer elements) became an emblem.

The next logo update took place in 2003. The technology components disappeared. The redhead, dubbed the Rex, has barely changed. As before, she is deployed in a half-face and is covered with black shadows that form angular facial features.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Kingston Emblem

On the modern emblem, the famous graphic symbol is supplemented with a wordmark. A scaled-down version of the redhead is on the left and the “Kingston” lettering on the right. It is depicted in bold with small, pointed serifs. The original typography features “g” without a bottom loop and “t” with a triangular top.

The letter “K” is uppercase; the rest are lowercase. Despite this, “i”, “n”, “g”, “s”, “t”, “o”, “n” are located on the same level with “K”. They are slightly raised because right below them is the inscription “Technology” – the company’s slogan, indicating constant development and improvement. The second-word font looks like a modified Tom’s Roman. All letters are uppercase, with no decorative elements or serifs. The lines are thin, of equal thickness.

Kingston Symbol

The colors of the logo match the classic palette. The Rex’s head is traditionally red. It is complemented by deep dark shadows and three light stripes (on the nose, above the eyebrow, and next to the ear). The wordmark is deep black.