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From the emblem of the brand breathes naturalness. The composition is filled with healthy organic products. The Klorane logo indicates the use of environmentally friendly raw materials and the development of formulas in research laboratories.

Klorane: Brand overview

Founded: 1965
Founder: Pierre Fabre
Website: klorane.com
Klorane is a cosmetic line of hair and scalp care products for adults and children. It appeared in France in the middle of the 20th century, founded by the pharmacist Pierre Fabre. Today it is a separate brand that offers organic products – a pure botanical series of shampoos, masks, conditioners, and more, made based on herbal decoctions and extracts.

Meaning and History

Klorane Symbol

The time of the appearance of the Klorane individual mark dates back to the 1960s and almost coincides with the moment of the pharmaceutical line of care products’ appearance. Over the long years of the trademark’s existence, it had only one emblem. It is still preserved almost in its original form because it is used in two lines and somewhere in three – together with the slogan.

The logo features the original brand name, which is the centerpiece. The Klorane lettering is placed on a horizontally elongated rectangle. White letters are visible against a pale green background. Below is the word “Laboratories,” indicating the company’s official status and the main direction of its activities.

What is Klorane?

Klorane is an eco-friendly cosmetics brand that was established in 1965 in France. It prefers ingredients of natural origin and is part of Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Its founder is pharmacist Pierre Fabre, who was passionate about the concept of plants benefiting human beauty and health.

Font and Colors

Klorane Emblem

There are two types of typefaces used in the emblem: one – wide with serifs, the second – thread-like chopped. Both inscriptions are in upper case. The word “Klorane” is framed with unique glyphs – with sophisticated lines at the ends. The logo’s palette is restrained, close to pastel shades, and consists of only two colors – light green and white.

Klorane color codes

Pigment Green Hex color: #00a551
RGB: 0 165 81
CMYK: 100 0 51 35
Pantone: PMS 354 C