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The abstract Knight Frank logo has a philosophical meaning. It represents order, ease, and harmony – concepts that characterize the real estate agency’s work from the best side. And it is also a symbol of fruitful cooperation and progress.

Knight Frank: Brand overview

Founder:John Knight, Howard Frank, William Rutley
London, England

Knight Frank is a large network of real estate agencies that work with residential, commercial, and agricultural properties. There are about 480 such units in the structure. All of them are located in 57 territories, and the main center of their management is in London. The company also has a branch in America (Cresa), with which it is included in the list of world leaders in real estate. Knight Frank has achieved incredible success in its segment through professionalism, a clear strategy, and a commitment to excellence.

It was these features that became the basis for creating the corporate identity of the brand. The current logo symbolizes the firmness of positions, energy, strength, and honesty. The characteristics are manifested in the color scheme, the lines of the figure, the arrangement of the elements, as well as the style of the font. In general, the picture is an abstract figure with a stylized inscription. But, if you decipher every detail, you can understand the main philosophy of the brand.

Meaning and History

Knight Frank Logo History

Knight Frank is not just a global company but a large branched network of agencies with a long history. The first offices were founded over 100 years ago. These units became so successful that in the future, management was able to open more than a hundred such offices in different territories (including America). This decision led to an increase in the annual nailed up to 800 billion dollars. The figure continues to grow steadily due to a properly developed business strategy.

A feature of Knight Frank’s activity is its constancy and stable exchange rate. This is confirmed at the level of visual identity – in the entire history of its existence; the company has never changed its logo. At the moment, the icon that the brand received at the time of creation is used. It consists of a graphical abstract figure and a fairly clear name Knight Frank. This combination is recognizable and beautiful, and due to the appropriate design, it fully conveys the brand’s message.

What is Knight Frank?

Knight Frank is one of the largest real estate agencies in England. The main feature is a branched structure consisting of more than 400 divisions. In addition, Knight Frank has an office in the United States of America, which provides participation in international transactions. Due to a large number of divisions, the company manages to provide many jobs, as well as help customers living in different territories.

Knight Frank Symbol

Knight Frank was founded by William Rutley, Howard Frank, and John Knight. In 1896, they created an enterprise that dealt with the sale of real estate. The business gradually developed and made a profit, so new divisions were opened in the future. Knight Frank currently has the largest network of real estate agencies with more than 20,000 employees. The visual identity was determined at the time the brand was created.

The key element was an incredibly stylish and, at the same time, simple emblem. It is divided into two parts – verbal and graphic. The first is the traditional brand name, which has a two-level layout. The inscription is in clear roman type with prominent spaces. Due to this design, the name is not only expressive but also readable. In the context of identity, this font format means durability, straightforwardness, and reliability.

These features directly reflect the principles of the company. Over the years, Knight Frank has managed to close hundreds of reliable real estate transactions that have benefited both parties. In addition, the company has an excellent reputation that has been built up over the years. This also testifies to the professionalism of the employees and the well-chosen strategy. In addition to the name, the well-known network is also characterized by an abstract figure.

A complex element is a combination of 4 small details that resemble the image of a house. The drawings are connected so that a white square is formed between them. This icon perfectly demonstrates the scope of the company. Several houses connected to each other symbolize real estate transactions, and the white square inside is an honest basis, which Knight Frank guarantees. An additional characteristic is the predominance of right angles. This confirms the pragmatism and stability in the work of the company.

Font and Colors

Knight Frank Emblem

The brand name of Knight Frank embodies an original design idea that provides for graphic symbolism. The traditional element in the form of the name of the company here is complemented by an unusual symbol demonstrating the scope of the company. The inscription itself is quite strict and thin. The outlines of the letters, cut lines, and spaces are clearly expressed in it. Such features make it readable and stutter. In addition, the choice of a strict laconic font is due to the special message of the brand.

This format demonstrates reliability, stability, and professionalism. Some letters also have slightly beveled edges, which symbolize progressiveness and dynamism. This means that Knight Frank is open to new solutions despite the stable rate. Brand management welcomes innovations to improve the quality of services. But, at the same time, he makes sure that all procedures remain simple and understandable for customers.

Among the additional characteristics of the company are vigor, honesty, and transparency. All this is directly reflected in the color scheme. Designers have chosen a harmonious combination of rich red and neutral white. They perfectly balance each other. In the same way, the real estate agency Knight Frank balances the introduction of modern solutions and strict adherence to basic principles. Thanks to this policy, the brand consistently holds a leading position in the market, and its logo has already become a real quality mark in the real estate industry.

Knight Frank color codes

Rich CarmineHex color:#d0103b
RGB:208 16 59
CMYK:0 92 72 18
Pantone:PMS 1788 C