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The balanced and symmetrical Knipex logo shows how responsible the company is for making tools. It symbolizes intelligent product design, user-friendliness, and stylish product design. In this case, it is a quality symbol.

Knipex: Brand overview

Wuppertal, Germany

Knipex is a well-known brand of German origin, specializing in manufacturing various tools. The product is ideal for professional use and also suitable for home use. The range includes different types of wrenches, pliers, and some parts for solar and aerospace applications. The main office is located in Germany (Wuppertal). But, goods are supplied to the local market and abroad.

The visual part of the brand identity is based on a flat, simple logo. It consists of only two parts – a geometric figure and a pronounced clear inscription. The elements are combined favorably with each other and perfectly convey a well-known brand’s message. It lies in the fact that the company manufactures exclusively high-quality and reliable products and constantly improves them. To convey this at the level of visual identity, the designers used a confident typeface, contrasting bright colors, and an addition in the form of a decorative figure.

Meaning and History

Knipex Logo History

Knipex belongs to the family business category since, for a long time, the company was run by people who are related to each other. This feature made the brand unique in its kind. Each family member involved in the company’s activities tried to improve the production process and products in general significantly. Thanks to this approach, they managed to bring the company to a leading position and gain popularity outside the country. Over time, Knipex tools have become a true benchmark for quality in their segment.

It was this goal that a promising company was going for, so it immediately embodied the message in an incredibly stylish logo. It was created at the moment when Knipex was formalized. Even then, the brand showed serious promise in terms of the production of high-quality instruments. Seeing ample opportunities and a stable foundation for development, the management decided to make every effort to develop the business further. The designers were tasked with creating an appropriate logo.

What is Knipex?

Knipex is one of the best European manufacturers of tools for professional and home use. The range of the brand includes not only pliers but also knives, wire cutters, and many other cutting items. The company’s main office is located in Germany, where the main factories are located. But, the supply of products is not limited to this country. Large batches of Knipex tools are also delivered abroad.

The basis for forming the modern Knipex brand was a small forge founded by Gustav Putsch in the 19th century (1882). Initially, a limited number of instruments were made here. Production facilities allowed only forge tongs to be created. Over time, new equipment appeared in the production, which made it possible to produce more types of products. In 1942, the brand was already officially registered and received its first logo.

Knipex Symbol

It was a bright and memorable picture consisting of graphic and verbal signs. The basis was the inscription, which was the name of the company. It was placed inside a flat and slightly elongated rhombus. This approach in design symbolized vigor, confidence, strength, and reliability. The rhombus, in this case, reflects several characteristics of Knipex at once. The angles of the figure, directed to the side, demonstrate movement, progress, and improvement.

This means that the company is constantly striving for improvements, looking for new solutions, innovating, and generally trying to make products better. In addition, the rhombus is associated with strength and protection, as it resembles closed structures. In the context of Knipex, the feature demonstrates the stability as well as the high quality of the product, which has already been appreciated by millions of customers around the world.

A direct font also complements the line of reliability in the concept. The inscription is decorated with letters in a modern style. They are completely straight and have a medium thickness and straight cuts. This format has no frills and decorative elements, which also confirms professionalism. Knipex has achieved incredible success in a particular segment without wasting effort and energy trying to create products in related areas.

Font and Colors

Knipex Emblem

The main differences between the Knipex logo are rigor, contrast, and simple shapes. This perfectly characterizes the company’s philosophy and its idea of ​​product quality. The main message is fixed at the level of the main element – the brand name. The inscription is written in a simple, stylish font, reminiscent of Kommon Grotesk Black or ITC Avant Garde Gothic Paneuropean Bold. Strict lines with straight cuts make the logo solid and friendly simultaneously.

They also symbolize the strength and confidence that can be seen in the activities of the brand. An additional feature of the inscription is the white color. This is not a typical color for inscriptions. But, in the presented emblem, it looks very harmonious and expressive. The effect is achieved by using a rich red hue as the background for the title. This color completely fills the figure, inside of which there is an inscription.

The bright color for the background was not chosen by chance. It contains an additional semantic load. In the context of the company’s activities, it means active development, dynamism, energy, and cheerfulness. Each of the characteristics perfectly reflects the essence and philosophy of Knipex. This is one of the few brands whose management is passionate about their work, takes their work seriously, and tries to improve their products constantly. Moreover, such a course was chosen at the time of the company’s creation, which is confirmed by the absence of changes in the logo itself.

Knipex color codes

LustHex color:#e30614
RGB:227 6 20
CMYK:0 97 91 11
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C