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The Korean Air logo is a true calling card of the airline that embodies its values and philosophy. Korean Air is written in bold blue lettering, which symbolizes reliability and confidence in the company’s capabilities. The letter “O,” which is decorated with comma-shaped symbols, conveys the dynamism, movement, and movement in the air that is so characteristic of the airline. The red, white, and blue colors inside the “O” represent the flag of Korea and the traditions of Korean culture, part of the company’s national identity.

The significance of the Korean Air emblem is related to the company’s philosophy. It strives to be the safest, most comfortable, and most reliable airline for passengers and achieve world aviation leadership. Each letter and symbol in the logo reflects the company’s unique history and traditions, which are the foundation of its operations.

Brand values include high safety and service quality standards, commitment to environmental sustainability, and social responsibility. The airline seeks to build strong ties and trust with passengers and to be a leader in the innovation and development of the aviation industry.

Korean Air emblem reflects a powerful airline that combines tradition and modern technology, ensuring passenger safety and comfort, commitment to environmental sustainability, and social responsibility.

Korean Air: Brand overview

Founded: June 1962
Founder: Hanjin Group
Gonghang-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Website: koreanair.com

Meaning and History

Korean Air Logo History

1962 – 1969

Korean Air Lines Logo 1962

1969 – 1984

Korean Air Lines Logo 1969

1984 – today

Korean Air Logo

Korean Air color codes

US Air Force Academy Blue Hex color: #1d4e9d
RGB: 29 78 157
CMYK: 82 50 0 38
Pantone: PMS 7687 C
Pigment Red Hex color: #ed182c
RGB: 237 24 44
CMYK: 0 90 81 7
Pantone: PMS 185 C