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SkyTeam: Brand overview

Founded:22 June 2000
Schiphol Airport, Haarlemmermeer, Netherlands
SkyTeam, one of the premier global airline alliances, was established in 2000. The alliance’s administrative center is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. As of 2023, SkyTeam consists of 19 airline members, some of which include high-profile carriers like Aeromexico, Air France, China Airlines, Delta Air Lines, KLM, Korean Air, and Saudia.

SkyTeam’s broad reach extends to over 170 countries and encompasses a staggering 14,500 flights operating daily. The alliance ties together its member airlines’ route networks, facilitating seamless travel and fostering a mutual loyalty rewards system across the participating carriers.

There are several perks for passengers choosing to fly with SkyTeam’s members. These include access to exclusive lounges, priority services, streamlined check-in procedures, and the coordination of baggage transfers between airlines. The alliance also ensures the harmonization of frequent flyer programs across its member airlines, allowing passengers to earn and redeem miles on any partner flight.

Beyond customer-facing benefits, the SkyTeam alliance enables member airlines to align schedules, sales strategies, network planning, and airport operations. This coordination enhances efficiency and provides a cohesive travel experience for the more than 750 million passengers who travel with SkyTeam’s member airlines annually.

Major hub cities in the SkyTeam network include Atlanta, Amsterdam, Detroit, Dubai, Hong Kong, Mexico City, Paris, and Seoul, connecting travelers to many global destinations.

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