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Shanghai Airlines is a Chinese: Brand overview

Since its founding in 1985, Shanghai Airlines has become a renowned Chinese airline headquartered in Shanghai, renowned for its exceptional domestic and international operations. As a subsidiary of China Eastern Airlines, Shanghai Airlines has maintained its unique corporate identity while operating under a single umbrella.

The airline’s initial fleet consisted of only two Boeing 707 aircraft, but its commitment to exceptional service and customer satisfaction quickly contributed to its growing popularity.

Since the expansion and modernization period, Shanghai Airlines has added modern aircraft models such as the Boeing 767, Airbus A330, and Boeing 737 to its fleet.

In 2009, Shanghai Airlines merged with China Eastern Airlines in a strategic merger, creating one of China’s largest airlines. Despite the merger, Shanghai Airlines has retained its identity and continues to operate independently, maintaining an extensive network of domestic and international flights.

The airline’s entry into the SkyTeam alliance with China Eastern Airlines provides seamless service to interesting destinations in Japan, South Korea, Thailand, and other countries.

Meaning and History

Shanghai Airlines is a Chinese Logo History

What is Shanghai Airlines?

Headquartered in the bustling city of Shanghai, China, Shanghai Airlines entered the aviation market in 1985. Becoming the first commercial airline in China, the company began its operations with a focus on service quality and customer satisfaction.

Developing over the decades, the airline has significantly expanded its network, operating domestic and international flights. With a strong presence in Asia and significant growth in worldwide coverage, the airline is an active participant in the modernization and globalization of China’s aviation industry.

1985 – today

Shanghai Airlines is a Chinese Logo

The logo of a Chinese airline based in Shanghai depicts a crane. It is easily recognizable by its thin white silhouette with a wide wing divided into two unequal parts. The bird is depicted in flight and is on the red tail of the aircraft adorning its livery. Up front, the company name is presented in Chinese and English, thus occupying two levels. The upper inscription consists of graceful characters, and the lower one of strict English letters. In the former case, the glyphs consist of single dots and strokes, in the latter of thick and even lines. Nearly the whole emblem is red in color.

The crane, which in Chinese culture is often associated with longevity and good luck, symbolizes the airline’s commitment to safe and prosperous travel. The bilingual inscription signifies the company’s global reach and its commitment to serving a variety of customers. The predominance of red in the emblem indicates a close connection to Chinese cultural symbols, as red is often associated with good luck and joy.