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The golden Arabian fairy tale, which the Saudi Arabian Airlines logo evokes, inspires and calls for a journey. The fast plane of the emblem promises to take you anywhere in the world. The mark guarantees high-class service and convenience.

Saudi Arabian Airlines: Brand overview

Founded:September 1945
Founder:Government of Saudi Arabia
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Airlines (SAA) is a carrier linking Saudi Arabia with Africa, Europe, Asia, and America. It is the 3rd largest carrier in the East. Saudi Arabian Airlines logo can be seen on three airports in the country, but the central one is Abdulaziz base.

Americans, Jews, and oil were involved in the emergence of SAA. Roosevelt first met with the king of Saudi Arabia in ’45 to discuss the emergence of a new Israel in Palestine and to strengthen oil agreements. The president gave him an airplane to leave a pleasant impression and accommodate the ruler. The king quickly used the gift for the good of the country. Two more planes were bought, and an Arab carrier was created.

Meaning and History

Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo History

The visual mark of Saudi Arabian Airlines is inextricably linked to the country of origin. Only a change in the name of the organization, which occurred three times in the history of SAA, led to changes in the logo.

What is Saudi Arabian Airlines?

A major Eastern airline with 142 aircraft, part of the SkyTeam alliance, with domestic and international flights to one hundred destinations.

1945 – 1971

In the first years, Saudi Arabian Airlines existed as a government agency and was mainly engaged in transportation within the kingdom. It did not have a separate emblem. The organization gained independence only in 1963, and by the seventies, it acquired a permanent name, a livery, and a logo.

1971 – 1981

Saudia Logo 1971

In ’71, after the name change to Saudia and the employees’ branded clothing development, the company received its first logo.

As a special symbol, they used the common emblem of Saudi Arabia: a palm tree with two crossed sabers under it. The picture was placed over the schematic silhouette of a flying plane. The composition simultaneously indicated that the aircraft belonged to Saudi Arabia and were departing from Saudi territory.

The sabers, forged in gold and steel, represented the two rich territories (Nejd and Hijaz) that united to create Saudi Arabia in 1932. Weapons protect the kingdom and ensure order and justice in it. The palm tree is the most widespread in the country. It is a symbol of wealth, nature, resources, and cultural heritage.

The image of the airplane informs about the main direction of the company’s activity. The trunk of the palm and the saber divide the plane into six parts, symbolizing the six continents.

In front of the image on the logo is the name. The inscription is in lowercase square type. The airlines are a service industry, so there are no capital letters in the sign. The dominant position is given to customers. The angularity of the elements is a hint of the four sides of the world.

1981 – 1996

Saudia Logo 1981

In the 1980s, the company expanded into other areas, including catering and commerce. Saudi Airlines Catering took over the “ground” business.

The changes were reflected in the company’s logo. The font of the lettering has gained elegance, and more elongated line ends. The elements showed purposefulness and focus on certain areas of work—narrowing the fields of activity.

Letters stayed English but got features similar to Arabic script, stressing the Middle East region where the company did business.

The visual element of the emblem remained unchanged.

1996 – 2012

Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo 1996

The airline changed its name to Saudi Arabian Airlines, followed by a major rebranding. As the carrier began positioning itself as a representative of Arab airlines, authentic traits appeared in the brand identity.

The Arabic script was used in the sign as the first of two linguistic variants of the name. The inscription showed work primarily for members of the Muslim world, ensuring their connection with other countries. A special attitude was shown in respect for the laws and religion. For example, during Ramadan and Hajj, there were special charter flights to assist believers in transportation.

The English name is placed in the second line of the emblem. It is for customers traveling from other countries to the Middle East.

In front of the inscription is an image of a circle with the emblem of Saudi Arabia. The circle represents the globe. Residents of the country can visit almost all continents thanks to Saudi. The company adequately represents the country in the world. The golden color of the image emphasizes high standards of service.

2012 – today

Saudi Arabian Airlines Logo

The SAA carrier joined the merger of 19 SkyTeam airlines, giving the giant a new direction for development.

The owners revived the firm’s former name, wanting to draw on history and a name that was better known and remembered by all. The shortening of the name also improved perception, made it easier to remember, and made the company less formal.

It is shifting the focus from “lines for Arab countries” to “an airline without borders” allowed Saudia to expand its horizons and increase the number of flights to other countries.

The globe with the palm tree and sabers on the logo remains unchanged. Only the new name, available in Arabic and English, distinguishes the logo.

The SkyTeam logo is often used alongside the airline’s main logo.

Font and Colors

Saudia Emblem

The first primary color of the Saudi Arabian Airlines emblem is dark green. It echoed the tone of the country’s flag and coat of arms, demonstrating prosperity and comfort.

In the modern logo, the preference is given to gold and blue. The first shade conveys the company’s income and shows that passengers here fly with royal comforts. The blue is a prototype of the sky.

Saudi Arabian Airlines Symbol

The font has no counterpart. The lettering is distinguished by the unusual lettering of the letters A and the serifs on the D, reminding of the flight path, a thin trace in the sky left by the flying plane.

Saudi Arabian Airlines color codes

Satin Sheen GoldHex color:#c39a33
RGB:195 154 51
CMYK:0 21 74 24
Pantone:PMS 7563 C
Cosmic CobaltlHex color:#313679
RGB:49 54 121
CMYK:60 55 0 53
Pantone:PMS 280 C