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The Korres Engineering logo is refined and elegant. The emblem embodies the company’s technical expertise and innovative spirit. It illustrates how engineering artistry can create something both lightweight and stable.

Korres Engineering: Brand overview

In 2002, Dimitris Korres launched his engineering company in Athens, Greece. What began as a small firm providing design and construction supervision quickly became a major player in the engineering field.

During its formative years, the company honed its skills as a subcontractor, tackling renovation projects for office buildings and residential complexes in Athens and its surrounding areas. This period of growth and learning laid a strong foundation for future endeavors.

By the mid-2000s, the firm had amassed significant experience and expanded its team. The company took on larger and more complex projects, such as shopping centers, hotels, and various commercial properties throughout Greece.

The late 2000s marked a significant turning point as the firm entered the international stage. Collaborating with firms in the Persian Gulf, particularly in the UAE and Kuwait, the company provided design and supervisory expertise for residential and tourism projects, showcasing their versatility and global reach.

Today, this multifaceted engineering powerhouse is headquartered in Athens. Its services now span construction design, project management, and technical supervision for civil and industrial projects. The company’s website, korresproject.gr, highlights successful projects across Greece, Cyprus, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, and beyond.

Under Dimitris Korres’s visionary leadership, the company ventured into the automotive world. One of its earliest projects was a 1000cc motorcycle created in 1989.

The true automotive passion, however, manifested in the P1-P4 series of sports SUVs, a project initiated in 2002. These vehicles boasted a unique patented suspension system, blending high-speed prowess with exceptional off-road capabilities.

In 2012, the company showcased its innovative spirit with the D3, a concept city car designed specifically for drivers with disabilities. This project underscored their commitment to inclusive and forward-thinking design.

The pinnacle of their automotive achievements, the P4 or Project 4, debuted in 2013. This remarkable sportscar/off-road hybrid featured a 7.0-liter, 505-horsepower GM engine capable of reaching 300 km/h and accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds.

While engineering remains the company’s core, it continues to push boundaries with exclusive, limited-production vehicles. With bold designs and advanced technology, these vehicles have solidified their reputation as pioneers in the construction and automotive industries.

Meaning and History

Korres Engineering Logo History

What is Korres Engineering?

The company, which hails from Greece, stands out for its groundbreaking contributions to automotive design and engineering. It manufactures high-performance vehicles, leveraging state-of-the-art technology and distinctive engineering techniques. Known for producing cars that excel in speed, agility, and off-road performance, Korres Engineering has carved a niche in the competitive automotive world.

2002 – today

Korres Engineering Logo

The Korres Engineering logo resembles a metallic scaffold frame, highlighting the company’s focus on designing and moving structures and buildings. Its light, thin elements give it an airy feel. Precise connections and straight lines create an association with blueprints, reflecting the work of designers and engineers.

One of the company’s significant achievements is a sports ATV, which showcases its innovative approaches and technical capabilities. The logo includes a schematic of the ATV’s wheel placements, each vertex pointing to a wheel position, emphasizing precision and functionality in engineering solutions.

The infinity symbol in the logo represents continuous motion and development, which is a crucial part of the company’s philosophy. It underscores Korres Engineering’s commitment to racing and competitions, where speed, reliability, and innovation are vital. The logo shows that the company is always evolving and exploring new directions, following modern trends and market demands.

Font and Colors

The Korres Engineering logo is minimalist and modern, with smooth geometric shapes.

The logo features a stylized letter “K” created from intersecting lines that form a symmetrical, abstract shape. The design is simple yet distinctive, embodying a sense of precision and innovation.

The logo uses a silvery-gray gradient, adding depth and a metallic sheen. This color choice conveys a high-tech and contemporary feel. The gradient effect enhances the logo’s three-dimensional appearance, making it dynamic and polished.

The logo does not include any text or font within the symbol, focusing entirely on the brand’s graphic representation.

With its sleek lines and metallic gradient, the Korres Engineering logo exudes a modern and innovative vibe. The minimalist design reflects the company’s commitment to precise engineering and advanced technology.