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The emblem demonstrates harmony, calmness, and balance. All compositions of the company are balanced and suitable for men and women. The Korres logo conveys the brand’s relevance and is an attempt to captivate customers with a compelling experience.

Korres: Brand overview

Founder:Georgios Korres
Athens, Greece
Korres is a cosmetics company that produces beauty products for women and men. She is the pioneer of the homeopathic face and body treatments in the Greek region, offering herbal products. The founder of the brand is Georgios Korres, who gave her his name. Its place of origin is the island of Naxos, where it was launched in 1996. The headquarters are now located in Athens.

Meaning and History

Korres Symbol

The company logo appeared at the same time. It is minimalistic as it does not contain graphic elements. In the course of history, the corrections were minor and concerned mainly with the spelling of letters.

The logo contains the name of the brand itself and the year of its foundation. In the center is the word “Korres,” in front of it is the abbreviation “est.”, Behind it is the number “1996”. This is all the visual information that the company saw fit to convey to customers. The main emphasis is placed on the name: it is visible, readable, and immediately remembered by consumers.

What is Korres?

Korres is a cosmetics company from Greece that produces skincare and restorative products based on natural and homeopathic components. The brand was created by pharmacist Georgios Korres in 1996. It is now managed by Lena Phillippou Korres, co-founder and chemical engineer.

Korres: Interesting Facts

Korres is a beauty brand from Greece that makes skin care products with nature and science in mind.

  1. Beginning and Ideas: George Korres started Korres in 1996 in Athens, Greece. He mixed natural ingredients from Greece with science to make good skin, hair, and makeup products.
  2. Using Nature’s Gifts: Korres loves natural ingredients like Greek yogurt, wild rose, and saffron. These ingredients are good for your skin and come from Greece. The brand cares a lot about using these natural gifts the right way.
  3. Science Behind the Scenes: Korres works hard to ensure its natural ingredients work. It teams up with scientists and schools to ensure that its products are both natural and effective.
  4. Taking Care of the Planet: Korres tries to be kind to the environment. They save water, recycle, and try to make less pollution. They also choose packaging that’s better for the Earth and support farmers who grow things in a way that’s good for the planet.
  5. Greek at Heart: Although Korres is known worldwide, it is still very much about Greek tradition. Its products use old Greek recipes and natural beauty tricks.
  6. Helping Communities: Korres doesn’t just make beauty products; they also help people and places. They work on projects that support local people, education, and keeping traditions alive.
  7. Products People Love: People and beauty experts like Korres products. They’ve won awards for high-quality stuff that works well for many skin types and problems.
  8. Always Trying New Things: Korres is always coming up with new ideas, like putting real Greek yogurt in skin care. They’re always looking for ways to make beauty products better and more natural.

Korres is a mix of Greek traditions, natural materials, and science. It cares about making good products, helping the planet, and being kind to people, making it stand out in natural beauty.

Font and Colors

Korres Emblem

The brand chose a simple typeface to represent its name. All characters are capital, located at an optimal distance from each other. The letters “R” have shortened legs and elongate the upper left corner. The emblem’s standard color palette consists of a combination of black and gold: the dark word “Korres” is framed with golden characters on a white background.

Korres color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C