The specific logo of KPMG shows that the company provides a wide range of services in the sphere of audit and helps to put in order what seems to be a mess at first sight. It is the chaos that should be brought to balance. In addition, the logo symbolizes openness to new projects and ideas.

KPMG: Brand overview

Founder:William Barclay, Peat James, Marwick Roger, Mitchell Piet, Klijnvefd Jaap, Kraayenhof Reinhard, Goerdler Thompson, McLintock Frank, Wilber Main
London, England

KPMG is the world’s largest professional financial services company. A feature of the brand is multinationality. It was created as a result of the merger of several companies of different origins. For this reason, KPMG has two main offices. Legal issues are dealt with by management in London (Great Britain), and organizational issues are resolved in the Netherlands (office in Amstelveen). An important achievement of the company is a separate place in the “Big Four” accounting structures.

The diverse activities, incredible success, and stable development of the multinational network are directly reflected in the extraordinary logo. The corporate icon combines classics and symbolism, transmitted through the use of specific graphic elements. The chosen design in understanding the brand demonstrates professionalism and focuses on four main areas of activity.

Meaning and History

KPMG Logo History

KPMG has gone through a long and difficult period of formation, in which there was a place for both ups and downs and moments of crisis. But, despite the controversial situations, the brand was able to create one of the world’s largest networks, consisting of 145 firms in different countries. Today, each unit is a successful project that brings value to customers and provides a fairly large profit to the owners.

The visual concept of the financial giant is made in the best traditions of the design used for the design of companies from this area. Here there is a neutral coloring, symbolizing trust, honesty, and stability, as well as bold affirmative lettering, complemented by graphic shapes. Every detail of this emblem emphasizes the visual identity and conveys part of the main message of KPMG.

What is KPMG?

KPMG is one of the largest international financial institutions providing a wide range of services. At the moment, leadership is carried out from two centers at once. The first is in the UK, and the second is in the Netherlands. In addition to the main offices, the structure also includes more than 140 branches located in different countries. By scaling its operations, KPMG provides access to professional financial services to residents of many countries.

The largest brand with a worldwide reputation was created based on several small enterprises that were going through the merger procedure. In 1987, the company had already passed all the milestones and was an early version of the modern organization. Further changes in the structure ensured the development and the gradual expansion and entry of KPMG into the international level.

KPMG Symbol

All this time, the company has been faithful to a single visual concept, which was based on a stylized multi-component logo. Despite the absence of changes in the design, the style of the corporate icon does not lose its relevance. At the base is powerful lettering, made in straight, bold lines of medium thickness. Additional features are the use of italics and the absence of serifs.

These characteristics make it possible to attribute the presented format to the group of modern fonts. This category symbolizes progress, innovation, and striving for success. This is what KPMG clearly describes, which is constantly looking for ways to improve the quality of the services provided. Four large vertical rectangles convey a special semantic load. The number of figures is not chosen by chance.

This figure is a landmark for a large financial institution. It symbolizes participation in the “Big Four” and also demonstrates the main areas of activity – consulting, accounting, taxes, and audit. Each sector of KPMG has a team of experienced professionals who provide professional assistance. The high quality of services is also confirmed at the level of coloring. A basic color palette was chosen for the design, which is associated with reliability and conscientiousness.

Font and Colors

KPMG Emblem

The KPMG logo looks rather strict and stylish at the same time. It has clear lines, geometric shapes, right angles, and expressive colors. The main attention is drawn to a solid, confident inscription denoting the brand name. It is framed in a straight classic font with even cuts. It lacks the serifs traditional for old logos, which confirms the progressiveness of the financial giant.

In addition, the chosen font is characterized by the italic format, which symbolizes movement and rapid growth. Additional benefits can be identified in the context of the selected color scheme. For the KPMG emblem, the designers used a rich blue hue and neutral white. The first is associated with authority, professionalism, precision, and confidence.

These benefits are received by everyone who seeks help from KPMG specialists. The company has brought financial services to a high level, so quality and professionalism are the basis of its philosophy. The neutral white background also matters in this context, as it symbolizes honesty and integrity, which is especially important for this segment.

KPMG color codes

Air Force BlueHex color:#003087
RGB:0 48 135
CMYK:100 64 0 47
Pantone:PMS 661 C