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Supermarkets captivate consumers with their rich assortment and pleasant prices. According to the emblem, promotions are constantly held here to attract new visitors. The Kroger logo is a symbol of business approach and customer care.

Kroger: Brand overview

Founder:Bernard Kroger
Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.
Kroger is an American supermarket chain ranked 23rd in the Fortune 500 and 2nd largest retail store, behind only Walmart. In addition, it has moved to the 5th position in terms of the scale of trade coverage: as of the end of 2020, it owns several subsidiaries that own more than 2,750 supermarkets, hypermarkets, department stores, convenience stores, and jewelry stores. The trade and commercial network also has 2,256 pharmacies, 1,585 fuel centers, 225 polyclinics, and 35 food industry enterprises. The founder of the company is businessman Bernard Kroger. He opened it in 1883 in Cincinnati, Ohio, where its headquarters are still located.

Meaning and History

Kroger Logo History

At the end of the 19th century, one in ten children of the Kroger family, 23-year-old Bernard, invested his accumulated $ 372 in opening a grocery store. He directed it himself, experimenting with marketing products produced by his own company. A year later (in 1884), a young entrepreneur founded a second retail outlet. And in 1902, he already registered a chain called the Kroger Grocery and Baking Company, which included 40 stores that brought in $ 1.75 million annually. Moreover, it was the first universal structure with a personal bakery.

In 1916, the company expanded with the first self-service stores. In the 30s of the 20th century, she began to test products and monitor their quality before sending them to the counter for the first time in the history of commerce. Another innovation that this seller introduced was related to car parks: they were located right under the supermarkets’ walls.

So the Kroger company gradually began to win the attention of buyers, expand by acquiring competitors, and opening new outlets. She also has many bakeries, dairy farms and factories, and enterprises to produce grocery goods. They all worked under the same logo and represented an individual trademark. In total, there are seven logos in its history.

What is Kroger?

This is a supermarket chain that appeared in the United States in 1883. It was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio State. Kroger is now the second-largest retailer in the country. He has over 2,500 stores.

1883 – 1902

Great Western Tea Company Logo 1883-1902
Initially, the individual symbolism consisted of black lettering “Great Western Tea Co” with miniature serifs. It was positioned against a light background – a horizontal rectangle. Above the store’s name was a barely noticeable article, “the,” decorated with thin lines on both sides.

1902 – 1939

Kroger Logo 1902-1939

To instill confidence in shoppers and highlight the seriousness of his chain, the boss chose a different logo. It was businesslike and simple, containing no unnecessary details – only a large, wide inscription. The word “Kroger” was in bold uppercase. The letters were chopped, strict, even located at a minimum distance from each other.

1939 – 1961

Kroger Logo 1939-1961

Having gained enough fame and becoming recognizable, the supermarket chain carried out a redesign, after which it acquired a creative logo. It consisted of a single inscription – the names of the stores. To give it some originality, the developers extended the upper segment of the uppercase “K” and the lower part of the lowercase “g.” The result is two arches that almost reach the letter “o.” The “e” had a beveled right side (it was slightly cut off), and the “r” looked more like an uppercase “Y.” The background of the word “Kroger” was a dark purple rectangle of regular shape.

1961 – 2019

Kroger Logo 1961-2019

The developers replaced purple with blue in the next version and removed the rectangle, using an oval with a red border instead. They also changed the font in favor of a more austere style. Therefore, the letters in the logo of those years were even, except the “K” and “g,” which remained elongated.

2001 – 2014

Kroger Logo 2001-2014

During this period, the logo received a mirror effect that made it three-dimensional. This impression was due to the glare and the “metalized” texture, which seemed to play in the sun, reflecting part of the window.

2004 – today

Kroger Logo 2004-present

In parallel with the base logo, an adjacent one appeared. It is still used today in branded gas stations and looks like a diamond-shaped icon with abstraction. Inside the geometric figure, red, blue, yellow, and light blue spots of indeterminate configuration. A light gray line runs along the edge of the icon. The name of the trade and commercial network is located under the diamond. It has a completely different font – no elongated letters. Both “r” has exactly cut heads, while “g” has the original top protrusion, which also has a straight cut.

2019 – today

Kroger Logo 2019-present

In 2019, the retail chain returned to the previous emblem – with elongated elements at the “K” and “g.” To modernize the logo, the designers corrected it by lengthening the curves. To do this, they made the inter-letter space wider than before. Thanks to this technique, the curved elements received a clear arched shape.

Font and Colors

Kroger Emblem

The company has focused on the name, as it is more important for trade signs than a separate graphic element. Experiments with writing led to the emergence of two curved letters, which serve as a graphic design.

Kroger Symbol

The logo uses a typeface called ITC Avant Garde Gothic Std Bold with modified “K” and “g.” The corporate palette consists of white and blue # 084999. It is somewhere between cobalt and cornflower blue. It is allowed to place white letters on a blue background in the logo and blue letters on a white one.

Kroger color codes

US Air Force Academy BlueHex color:#004a9b
RGB:0 74 155
CMYK:100 52 0 39
Pantone:PMS 2945 C

What is the meaning of the Kroger logo?

The modern version of the Kroger logo means friendliness and gratitude to those who use the stores’ services. The fact is that it depicts a smiling face made up of adjacent o and g: their circles are eyes, and the right side g is a smile.

What is the Kroger brand?

Kroger is a brand name for a supermarket chain of the same name throughout the United States. She sells semi-finished products, seafood, meat, beer, baked goods, and other food products.

What is the Kroger logo supposed to be?

The current Kroger logo should consist of a single inscription – the name, executed in grotesque. It also has two arcuate extensions – in the first and fourth letters: the right leg of the “K” is extended upwards, and the sidewall of the “g” is bent.

Did Kroger change their logo?

Yes, Kroger has changed its logo. This event dates to 2019, when the designers brought back the 1939 emblem style and added a new slogan.