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Designers made the Kronospan logo resemble a complex structure consisting of many layers. It echoes the fact that the company produces facing materials – mainly wooden boards. The emblem symbolizes reliability, strength, and durability.

Kronospan: Brand overview

Czech Republic

Kronospan is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of wood products. The international giant’s portfolio includes various products, including laminate, wallboard, decorative paper, chipboard, specialty boards, and MDF. Over the years of its existence, the company has managed to build an extensive network of factories that currently operate in 30 different countries. They are managed from different offices.

One of them is located in the UK, although the company itself is of Czech origin. Multinationality, high-quality products, and activity at the international level are favorably emphasized by the stylish corporate logo of the brand. It has massive lines that symbolize professionalism, various colors that emphasize the vast geography, and an original design that emphasizes the field of activity.

Meaning and History

Kronospan Logo History

Kronospan was originally a family business that developed rapidly. A well-chosen strategy, the presence of solid capital, as well as a strong production base, allowed the company to quickly enter the international market and establish more than 40 production sites in different countries. At the moment, the brand provides quality products to many world-famous companies and also provides a wide range of products to private customers.

In addition, the company contributes to the development of local communities through its Kronospan Foundation. On a visual level, all these achievements are conveyed in a carefully chosen emblem. It is a spectacular expressive icon that combines massive shapes, confident straight lines, eye-pleasing colors, and decorative design. A special feature is unusual letters, the shapes of which resemble boards. These products are manufactured at the factories of the company.

What is Kronospan?

Kronospan is a large manufacturer of Czech origin, which has a wide network of production facilities in different countries. Subdivisions are located in the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, Poland, the USA, etc. The factories of the enterprise produce various types of laminate, wall panels, melamine-coated panels, resins, and many other similar products. In recent years, the brand has focused all efforts on the modernization of production sites in order to improve the process, as well as reduce the impact on the environment.

Kronospan was founded in 1897. The company had factories specializing in the manufacture of wooden products. Since that moment, the direction of activity has not changed, but only technologies have been improved, and the range has expanded. Over time, the company even entered the international market. Throughout the period, Kronospan adhered to a single corporate identity, which was based on a bold, powerful, and recognizable emblem.

This sign is unique in its kind and does not look like a standard logo design style. Its main and only element is the brand name. The wordmark is made in an unusual modular font, which provides for massive open letters. Each symbol consists of separate blocks that have smooth and sharp corners. The chosen format demonstrates integrity and, at the same time, flexibility.

The last feature of the company is that it knows how to negotiate, gain a foothold in new areas, and also clearly navigate changes in customer requests. Thanks to this, the company was able to achieve success in its segment and win the trust of thousands of customers around the world. The sign of trust is directly reflected in the stylish logo through the appropriate coloring.

A neutral, muted color combined with a classic tone demonstrates reliability, durability, and professionalism. The emblem also clearly conveys stability. The feature lies not only in a single format of letters but also in the absence of changes throughout the entire period of existence. As a result, the Kronospan badge has already become a true symbol of high-quality wood products.

Font and Colors

Kronospan Symbol

The Kronospan logo is presented in an incredibly modern and even somewhat futuristic design. The emblem was created at the time of the company’s formation, and even then, the management focused on development and professionalism. These values ​​are still the basis of the company’s philosophy, as evidenced by the lack of rebranding throughout the entire period of existence. The company still uses a powerful logo, which is created from one confident lettering.

The brand name is designed in style reminiscent of a modified font Orange Royale Open. It provides round modular letters, which are divided into several blocks. Their shape resembles the products that the company produces. An additional feature of the sign is the color scheme. Half of the large inscription is painted in muted blue, and the other half is completely white with a thin blue outline.

The chosen approach symbolizes unity and reflects several other advantages of a well-known manufacturer. In the context of the visual concept, blue means authority, trust, and reliability. White symbolizes conscientiousness and honesty. A special message is also in thin blue contours. In this design, they symbolize innovation and dynamism. It is these characteristics that make it possible to create a holistic image of Kronospan.

Kronospan color codes

Dark Midnight BlueHex color:#00396a
RGB:0 57 106
CMYK:100 46 0 58
Pantone:PMS 541 C