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La Prairie Logo
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La Prairie is a cosmetic brand that appeared in 1978 in the vicinity of Lake Leman in Switzerland. Since then, he has been distributing luxury-class face and body care products all over the world. The brand also offers perfumes and makeup products. Today its products are presented in 90 countries. Since 1991, the laboratory has been part of the Beiersdorf company.

Meaning and History

La Prairie Symbol

From the first months of its existence, the La Prairie emblem was surprised with its laconicism. The developers even tried to “save” space by tightly compressing some letters. This minimalism appealed to the management because the inscription is easy to read and has its flavor, different from what competitors use. In total, there was only one logo variant in the history of the brand.

The logo contains no graphic images or symbols – it contains only verbal designations. In particular, the name of the brand is there. The inscriptions are placed in two tiers: the upper one consists of the phrase “la prairie” (brand name), the lower one consists of the word “switzerland” (country of its location). The original design of the letters makes the emblem unique: the designers have combined “la,” “pra,” and “ie.”

Font and Colors of the Emblem

La Prairie Emblem

The text is in a sleek sans serif typeface from the Sans Serif group. It is simple and geometric. The upper characters are lowercase; the lower ones are uppercase. Squares are used instead of dots above “i.” The color of the logo is monochrome – black and white.