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The Land Rover logo shows off the rich history of the brand. Represents elegant and elite cars of a premium class. Rich decoration, impressive dimensions – all these are elements of the lifestyle of off-road drivers, which the emblem conveys.

Land Rover: Brand overview

Founder:Jaguar Land Rover
United Kingdom

Land Rover is a British automotive brand offering elite all-wheel-drive SUVs. Previously, it belonged to Jaguar Land Rover, and since 2008, it belongs to the Indian profile group Tata Motors, it’s subsidiary. Now the company produces branded cars not only in India but also in Slovakia, China, Brazil. In 1951, she was awarded one of the highest British awards – Royal Warrant by King George VI. Half a century later, she received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the successful development of international trade. The brand appeared in 1948. Its headquarters are located in the city of Solihull in the West Midlands region (UK).

Even though the production of luxury SUVs Land Rover is carried out worldwide, now it is not a separate company, but only a division or even rather a trademark with a big name and an impeccable reputation. Its current range consists primarily of four Range Rover models and two Discovery models. In 2020, the line was expanded with the second generation of Defenders cars. The brand has previously focused on a variety of off-road vehicles ranging from upmarket to entry-level. That is why it gained wide recognition because its emblem automatically denoted technical excellence under a sophisticated design.

It all began with the models of the Rover company, which developed its off-road vehicles, combining them into a series called Land Rover. Gradually, the double name was assigned to a specific type of transport and was used in an unchanged form. In 1970, the company manufactured the Range Rover. Eight years later, it became a subsidiary of British Leyland.

In 1983/1984, variants of cars with long and short wheelbases received their names. In 1990, they were hailed as Defender models, as a year earlier, the company had another SUV variation – the Discovery.

Meaning and History

Land Rover Logo History

All brand designs were adorned with the same logo, approved at the dawn of the company’s formation. It consisted of the name of the trademark and has evolved over many decades, remaining the only and unique sign with wide recognition.

Land Rover’s visual identity is as business-like as the brand itself. There are no complex images, philosophical overtones, or abstract elements. Only rigor, precision, and practicality are predominant, so the line’s name can be clearly seen in any part of the car. The background is an ellipse in a double frame.

What is Land Rover?

At first, the Land Rover name belonged to only one off-road vehicle, which began production in 1948. Now it is a series of off-road vehicles, the flagship brand of Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC from the UK. Vehicle production is carried out in several countries, including Slovakia, India, China, and Brazil.

1948 – 1960s

Land Rover Logo 1948-1968

The debut logo uses the brand name, which are at different levels: the top line says “Land,” the bottom line says “Rover.” The words are linked together by a zigzag stroke reminiscent of the letter “Z.” But this is not the only inscription on the emblem. It also indicates the origin of the original brand – “Solihull Warwickshire” and “England.” They are placed on opposite sides. The inscriptions are made in a sleek, geometrically strict, and oblique type. All elements are in a gray oval.

1960s – 1968

Land Rover Logo 1960s-1968

The Land Rover logo of this period is as simple as possible. The one-line inscription is located on a diagonal rectangle with rounded sides. This is the only emblem that does not have an oval. It is a black parallelogram plate with white letters in upper case. At the top left and bottom right is two bold dots – screw heads.

1968 – 1978

Land Rover Logo 1968-1978

For the next ten years, the black and yellow logo was used. The developers removed unnecessary inscriptions from it, leaving only the name of the trademark. At the same time, they enlarged the words, filling all the inner space with them. The zigzag was split in two.

1978 – 1986

Land Rover Logo 1978-1986

The redesign of the emblem brought her minimal changes: instead of black, emerald green appeared, and instead of yellow, neutral white. The authors have retained the double edging along the edge of the oval.

1986 – today

Land Rover Logo 1986-present

The logo proposed at the beginning of this period is still in use today. He acquired only highlights and shadows, which made the previous version of the logo three-dimensional. The developers turned the frame into a three-line contour, where one emerald and two gray stripes gracefully alternate. The brand name has received a silvery gradient from white to graphite and one-sided spikes at the top of the letters on the left side.

1996 – today

Land Rover Logo

Another logo was approved in the noted period. It differed from its predecessor in the absence of glare and glare on the lettering, making it two-dimensional. A thin gray stripe on edge has also added a plane, replacing the wide line. At the same time, the designers deepened the emerald green color, decorating it with a gradient – a transition from dark to light.

Font and Colors

Land Rover Emblem

The Land Rover logo, from the very beginning, had the shape that we see today. It is a clear oval with a frame and the name of the car brand. The inscription is placed in the center and complemented by a zigzag divided into two parts. Only the background always changed. It is alleged that the designer’s idea was prompted by a greasy trail left on paper by a can of sardines.

Land Rover Symbol

The emblem uses the Gill Sans Bold Italic typeface. It was created in 1930 by Eric Gill. The color palette is more varied than shape and type. It originally consisted of gray. Then emerald green, white, and silver appeared in it.

Land Rover Logo

Land Rover color codes

Spanish GreenHex color:#008940
RGB:0 137 64
CMYK:100 0 53 46
Pantone:PMS 355 C
EvergreenHex color:#004e1c
RGB:0 78 28
CMYK:100 0 64 69
Pantone:PMS 356 C
BlackHex color:#000b01
RGB:0 11 1
CMYK:100 0 91 96
Pantone:PMS Black 6 C
CornsilkHex color:#f7f0cc
RGB:247 240 204
CMYK:0 3 17 3
Pantone:PMS 7499 C
PlatinumHex color:#e7e9ea
RGB:231 233 234
CMYK:1 0 0 8
Pantone:PMS 663 C
AluminiumHex color:#85888a
RGB:133 136 138
CMYK:4 1 0 46
Pantone:PMS Cool Gray 8 C

What does the Land Rover logo mean?

Maurice Wilks, who designed the logo, never talked about what it means. Rumor has it that the two sidelines reflect the slogan Above and Beyond, while the green color is inspired by British Racing Green or symbolizes nature. The oval base is even easier to explain: according to legend, this was the shape of the can of fish that Maurice ate during lunch when he came up with the design of the Land Rover emblem.

Does the Range Rover logo?

Range Rover does not have its logo. Cars of this model can only be recognized by the inscriptions placed under the rear window and on the grille.

What is the Land Rover emblem?

The basis of the Land Rover emblem is a green ellipse with a gradient. It is placed in a frame consisting of three silver and green rings. Inside is the brand name written in two lines. To the right of the word “LAND” and the left of “ROVER” are short, broken lines.

What is the symbol of Range Rover?

The symbol of the Range Rover is only the name of this model, written under the rear window and above the grille in front of the car. Moreover, it is not considered an official logo.