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The Land Rover logo shows off the brand’s rich history. It represents elegant, elite cars of a premium class. Rich decoration and impressive dimensions are elements of the lifestyle of off-road drivers, which the emblem conveys.

Land Rover: Brand overview

Land Rover is a British automotive brand offering elite all-wheel-drive SUVs. Previously, it belonged to Jaguar Land Rover, and since 2008, it has belonged to the Indian profile group Tata Motors, its subsidiary. Now, the company produces branded cars in India, Slovakia, China, and Brazil. In 1951, King George VI awarded her one of the highest British awards – the Royal Warrant. Half a century later, she received the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for the successful development of international trade. The brand appeared in 1948. Its headquarters are in Solihull in the West Midlands region (UK).

Even though luxury SUVs and Land Rover production are carried out worldwide, it is not a separate company; it is only a division or trademark with a big name and an impeccable reputation. Its current range consists primarily of four Range Rover and two Discovery models. In 2020, the line was expanded to include second-generation Defender cars. The brand has previously focused on various off-road vehicles ranging from upmarket to entry-level. That is why it gained wide recognition: its emblem automatically denoted technical excellence under a sophisticated design.

It all began with the Rover company’s models. The company developed its off-road vehicles and combined them into the Land Rover series. Gradually, the double name was assigned to a specific transport type and was used unchanged. In 1970, the company manufactured the Range Rover. Eight years later, it became a subsidiary of British Leyland.

In 1983/1984, variants of cars with long and short wheelbases received their names. In 1990, they were hailed as Defender models, as a year earlier, the company had another SUV variation – the Discovery.

Meaning and History

Land Rover Logo History

All brand designs were adorned with the same logo, approved at the dawn of the company’s formation. It consists of the trademark name and has evolved over many decades, remaining a unique sign with wide recognition.

Land Rover’s visual identity is as business-like as the brand itself. There are no complex images, philosophical overtones, or abstract elements. Only rigor, precision, and practicality are predominant, so the line’s name can be seen in any car part. The background is an ellipse in a double frame.

What is Land Rover?

At first, the Land Rover name belonged to only one off-road vehicle, which began production in 1948. Now it is a series of off-road vehicles, the flagship brand of Jaguar Land Rover Automotive PLC from the UK. Vehicle production is carried out in several countries, including Slovakia, India, China, and Brazil.

1948 – 1960s

Land Rover Logo 1948-1968

The debut logo uses the brand name at different levels: the top line says “Land,” and the bottom line says “Rover.” The words are linked by a zigzag stroke reminiscent of the letter “Z.” But this is not the only inscription on the emblem. It also indicates the origin of the original brand – “Solihull Warwickshire” and “England.” They are placed on opposite sides. The inscriptions are made in a sleek, geometrically strict, and oblique type. All elements are in a gray oval.

1960s – 1968

Land Rover Logo 1960s-1968

The Land Rover logo of this period is as simple as possible. The one-line inscription is located on a diagonal rectangle with rounded sides. This is the only emblem that does not have an oval. It is a black parallelogram plate with white letters in upper case. At the top left and bottom right is two bold dots – screw heads.

1968 – 1978

Land Rover Logo 1968-1978

For the next ten years, the black-and-yellow logo was used. The developers removed unnecessary inscriptions from it, leaving only the trademark name. At the same time, they enlarged the words, filling all the inner space with them. The zigzag was split in two.

1978 – 1986

Land Rover Logo 1978-1986

The redesign of the emblem brought her minimal changes: instead of black, emerald green appeared, and instead of yellow, neutral white. The authors have retained the double edging along the edge of the oval.

1986 – today

Land Rover Logo 1986-present

The logo proposed at the beginning of this period is still used today. He acquired only highlights and shadows, making the previous logo version three-dimensional. The developers turned the frame into a three-line contour, where one emerald and two gray stripes gracefully alternate. The brand name has received a silvery gradient from white to graphite and one-sided spikes at the top of the letters on the left side.

1996 – today

Land Rover Logo

Another logo was approved during the noted period. It differed from its predecessor in the absence of glare and glare on the lettering, making it two-dimensional. A thin gray stripe on edge also added a plane, replacing the wide line. At the same time, the designers deepened the emerald green color, decorating it with a gradient—a transition from dark to light.

Land Rover: Interesting Facts

Land Rover embodies luxury and toughness and has a history of over seventy years as a favored choice for adventure lovers and those seeking premium vehicles.

  1. Post-War Conception: In the late 1940s, Maurice Wilks from the Rover Company envisioned Land Rover, drawing inspiration from the American Jeep of World War II. The initial prototype was crafted using a Jeep chassis and parts on Wilks’ farm in Wales.
  2. Series I Introduction: The debut of Series I at the Amsterdam Motor Show on April 30, 1948, marked Land Rover’s entry into the market, aiming to serve farmers and those needing robust transportation.
  3. Unique Paint Choices: The surplus aircraft cockpit paint from World War II meant early models featured light green, a resourceful and economical approach.
  4. 4×4 Innovations: Land Rover has been at the forefront of 4×4 technology, notably with the launch of the Range Rover in 1970, the first to offer permanent four-wheel drive.
  5. Exploration Emblem: Land Rovers have played pivotal roles in expeditions worldwide, including the landmark 1955 London-Singapore overland journey, dubbed the “First Overland.”
  6. Royal Patronage: The British Royal Family, especially Queen Elizabeth II, has shown a long-time preference for Land Rovers, utilizing them for various official and personal engagements.
  7. Luxury SUV Pioneer: With the launch of the Range Rover in 1970, Land Rover successfully fused off-road capability with luxury, effectively creating the luxury SUV category.
  8. Defender’s Durability: The Land Rover Defender, known for its toughness and off-road capabilities, has served militaries globally and is a symbolic brand model.
  9. Material Innovation: Early models featured aluminum body panels to mitigate post-war steel shortages, inadvertently enhancing corrosion resistance—ideal for rural and military applications.
  10. Widespread Recognition and Royal Warrants: Land Rover’s holding royal warrants from Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip, and Prince Charles underscores its esteem with the Royal Household. Sold in over 170 countries, the brand boasts international acclaim.

Land Rover’s journey from its simple origins to becoming a hallmark of adventure and luxury illustrates its ongoing legacy of innovation, performance, and unparalleled off-road capability.

Font and Colors

Land Rover Emblem

From the beginning, the Land Rover logo has had the shape we see today. It is a clear oval with a frame and the name of the car brand. The inscription is placed in the center and complemented by a zigzag divided into two parts. Only the background always changed. It is alleged that the designer’s idea was prompted by a greasy trail left on paper by a can of sardines.

Land Rover Symbol

The emblem uses the Gill Sans Bold Italic typeface. It was created in 1930 by Eric Gill. The color palette is more varied than shape and type. It originally consisted of gray. Then emerald green, white, and silver appeared in it.

Land Rover Logo


What is the slogan for the Land Rover Defender?

The slogan “Above and Beyond” captures the essence of the vehicle’s exceptional performance and capabilities. This phrase shows the Defender’s strength and ability to perform well under difficult conditions. The slogan reflects the car’s history of durability and reliability.

“Above and Beyond” connects emotionally with consumers, presenting the Defender as a companion in adventure and exploration.

What font is Land Rover?

The company uses Gill Sans Bold Italic for its branding. This font gives a clean and modern look that matches the brand’s sophisticated and durable image. Gill Sans is classic and modern, aligning with their automobiles’ sleek and rugged design.

The bold italic version of Gill Sans makes the brand more unique and noticeable, helping it stand out in the competitive automotive market. This font choice also enhances the effectiveness of marketing materials.

What does the Land Rover logo mean?

The logo is simple but rich in stories. Designer Maurice Wilkes never explained the meaning of the logo design, so people rely on stories and interpretations. The green color of the logo may remind you of the British Racing Green used in British motor racing, or it may symbolize nature, fitting with the brand’s image of making cars suitable for outdoor use.

The logo has two side elements. Some believe these lines represent the brand’s slogan, “Above and Beyond,” suggesting that the brand aims to go further than usual. Another interesting story about the logo is its oval shape. Maurice Wilkes is said to have used a fish can as a template when designing the logo during lunch.

Does the Range Rover logo?

It does not have a separate logo. Instead, the cars have special lettering and a radiator grille under the rear window. This brand identity helps people instantly recognize Range Rover while maintaining an elegant design consistent with the overall look and feel of the brand.

What is the Land Rover emblem?

The logo features a green elliptical shape with a gradient, symbolizing the brand’s connection to nature and adventure. This ellipse is enclosed in three concentric rings of silver and green, emphasizing its depth and sophistication. The brand name is divided into two lines inside the ellipse: “LAND” at the top and “ROVER” at the bottom. Short dotted lines next to the words “LAND” and “ROVER” give the emblem a modern and dynamic look.

What is the symbol of Range Rover?

The brand uses a unique symbol: the model name itself. The name is displayed under the rear window and above the radiator grille at the front of the car. Instead of using a separate logo like many car brands, it takes a minimalist approach, using only its name as an identifier. This is not an official logo, but it effectively identifies the model.