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Las Vegas Logo

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The city’s brightness to the world is directly reflected in the Las Vegas logo. It’s extraordinary, radiant, and luxurious. Every detail is enchanting and legendary, for under the iconic star, a person forgets about the mundane and dives into an endless ocean of joy. The emblem carries happiness, hope, love, and a thirst for luck.

Las Vegas: Brand overview

Founded:May 15, 1905
Nevada, Clark County, U.S.
Las Vegas is the most visited city in the world, a hub of resort recreation, fun, and gambling. It’s famous for its nightlife, street light shows, casino hotels, exquisite restaurants, and luxurious stores. The world capital of joy is located in the Mojave Desert of Nevada, leading the entertainment industry. The settlement was established in 1905, and the legendary logo was created in 1959. It was designed by artist and graphic designer Betty Jane Willis at the request of trader Ted Rogich, who later sold the emblem to Clark County.

Meaning and History

Las Vegas Logo History

The settlement that became the basis for the largest entertainment complex in the US appeared in 1905. By the beginning of the 21st century, it had transformed into a magnetic capital of entertainment, capable of bringing joy to anyone who spends even a short time there. The positive energy is reflected in the Las Vegas logo, which has become its business card and a symbol of triumph over sorrow. This sign encapsulates key characteristics of the casino city:

  • hospitality (the word “Welcome”);
  • administrative location (“Nevada”);
  • brilliance and luxury (an eight-point star);
  • uniqueness and magic (the inscription “Fabulous”);
  • brightness (a combination of hot red color and a sky-blue shade).

The Las Vegas emblem appeared in 1959 and was installed four miles from the city limit on Boulevard South Paradise. It looks like a roadside pole nearly 8 meters tall, mounted on two vertical posts, connected at the top by a crossbeam.

What is Las Vegas?

Las Vegas is a major city in the southwestern part of the US, ranking 25th in population. It serves as Nevada’s cultural, commercial, entertainment, and financial center, renowned for its hospitality and casinos, shows, hotels, and resorts. The city is among the top three best places in the US for business meetings. Its logo appeared in 1959 and represented a road sign four miles from Las Vegas. It was designed by Betty Jane Willis, a graphic designer and American artist from the Western Neon company.

1905 – today

Las Vegas Logo

The logo is a horizontally stretched diamond. Its top and bottom points are sharp, and the sides are rounded. Each letter in the word “Welcome” is enclosed in a circle and placed on a white background. These circles symbolize silver dollars, signifying Nevada’s nickname as the Silver State. Each “coin” contains a single red glyph, which in reality, has a neon outline.

Below is the word “Fabulous,” painted in blue and rendered in a 1950s fluid cursive style, as if the inscription is hand-written. The largest area of the sign is reserved for the city name, Las Vegas. It spans almost the entire width of the diamond and is set in red sans serif. The blue word “Nevada” follows in uppercase letters and wide letter spacing. It occupies the lower part of the four-tiered logo.

Beneath the crossbeam of the sign, in the gap between the upward protruding pillars, a star with eight rays is depicted. It’s red, with a thin yellow outline, a construction of narrow neon tubes. The intersecting lines form its framework and add dynamics to the sign, giving it an explosive look.

Fonts and Colors

Las Vegas Symbol

The inscriptions in the Las Vegas logo are executed in typefaces of different styles. These are the Helvetica and Arial font families. They are harmoniously combined and well-balanced with each other. The color scheme is represented by neutral white, scorching yellow, light red, and sky blue.