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The Lassa logo combines patriotic motifs with the theme of driving. The company’s products are so professional that the car practically glides on the road. The emblem’s elements convey lightness, smoothness, and the brand’s passion for its work.

Lassa: Brand overview

In 1974, amidst the bustling energy of Istanbul, the vision of creating Turkey’s first radial tire production took shape, giving birth to Lassa. This bold endeavor resulted from a collaboration between the Turkish Sabanci Holding and the Japanese giant Bridgestone. They combined their strengths and cutting-edge technologies to embark on this groundbreaking project.

By 1978, Lassa’s first factory emerged as a beacon of innovation in Istanbul, where advanced Japanese techniques were utilized to produce radial tires for passenger cars.

The 1980s marked a period of rapid expansion for Lassa. The company didn’t just ramp up production but also diversified its offerings, adding tires for SUVs and light trucks to its portfolio.

In 1990, Lassa opened a significant new facility in Catalca, near Istanbul. This expansion allowed the company to scale its operations and meet increasing product demand.

During the mid-1990s, Lassa began exporting its tires to regions such as the Middle East, Eastern Europe, and North Africa. The brand quickly became a leader in the Turkish replacement tire market, earning the trust and loyalty of consumers.

A pivotal change occurred in 2005 when Sabanci Holding acquired Bridgestone’s share, making Lassa a wholly Turkish-owned company. Despite this shift, the commitment to Japanese production standards remained steadfast.

In 2006, Lassa inaugurated its research and development center, propelling the brand into the future with new premium tire lines.

In the following years, Lassa continually modernized its operations and expanded its product range to include premium tires for passenger cars, SUVs, and commercial vehicles. Today, Lassa is a symbol of reliability and excellence, being one of Turkey’s foremost tire manufacturers and a major exporter to over 60 countries worldwide.

Meaning and History

Lassa Logo History

What is Lassa?

Lassa Tyres, a prominent Turkish tire manufacturer, emerged from a collaboration between the Japanese Bridgestone Corporation and the Turkish Sabancı Group. The company produces diverse tires for passenger cars, light trucks, buses, and agricultural vehicles.

1978 – 2000s

Lassa Logo 1978

The first emblem of the company, Lassa, featured the name with a strong emphasis on details. The initial letters “Las” were in a thin blue font, highlighting the advanced professional technologies used in production. This thin font symbolized the precision and attention to detail that characterized the brand.

The letters “s” and “a” stood out, each framed in a separate blue circle. These symbols were directly related to the company’s name and its founder, Sabancı Holding, which created the subsidiary Brisa. The circles hinted at the wheels of cars, emphasizing the brand’s connection to the automotive industry and its main product.

The abbreviation “Las” stood for Leadership, Automotive, and Safety. These three words reflected the company’s core values. Lassa aimed for leadership in the automotive industry, striving to stay at the forefront of automotive technology and innovation. The brand guarantees safety in its products, making it a top priority.

2000s – 2008

Lassa Logo 2000s

By the turn of the millennium, the core message of the logo remained the same, with significant changes introduced. All letters were rendered in white and enclosed in a red rectangle. These changes reflect three key ideas important to the Lassa brand:

  • Achieving leadership: Lassa has achieved significant success, operating in 50 countries. The brand’s products are in high demand and recognized for their quality, evidenced by numerous awards. These achievements highlight the company’s leadership position in the international automotive industry.
  • Turkish identity: Since Lassa’s products are actively exported abroad, the brand incorporated national colors into its identity. The red color in the Turkish flag symbolizes national pride and the company’s connection to its country.
  • Use in racing: Lassa tires are used in all races on Turkish tracks, emphasizing their high reliability and performance. The red logo underscores the idea of speed and dynamism, integral to the racing world.

The white letters of the new logo signify the company’s commitment to eco-friendly production, a growing concern in the modern world. Lassa actively works on developing new types of tires that meet high environmental standards, highlighting the brand’s technological excellence and environmental responsibility.

2008 – today

Lassa Logo

The company’s logo has gained simplicity, bringing greater grandeur and scale. The red symbolizes patriotic ideas, reflecting national pride and affiliation with Turkey. The figure to the left of the text resembles a waving national flag, reinforcing the connection to national identity.

The division into two parts creates the illusion of tire tracks on the road, highlighting the company’s primary focus on tire production. This element adds dynamism to the logo, evoking speed and movement, which are essential aspects of the automotive industry.

The name is in bright red capital letters, making it easily recognizable and emphasizing the brand’s importance. The letters are slightly tilted forward, showcasing the company’s commitment to progress and constant development. This tilt signifies forward movement and Lassa’s readiness to reach new heights and achieve new goals.

The brand has achieved impressive global fame, earning recognition and trust from consumers in various countries. The bright red text strengthens associations with quality, reliability, and the company’s high standards.

Font and Colors

The Lassa logo uses a bold, modern font that conveys strength and energy. The letters are in uppercase, giving a sense of robustness and authority. The sans-serif font is clean and contemporary, with tight letter spacing for a compact and unified look.

The logo’s primary color is red, a vibrant and attention-grabbing choice. Red symbolizes energy, passion, and action, matching the brand’s dynamic and forward-thinking image. The logo includes a sleek, glossy wave symbol before the text. This wave consists of two red, curved lines, adding motion and fluidity to the design.

This bold typography and striking red color show Lassa’s commitment to quality and performance in the tire industry. The combination of the modern font, tight spacing, and dynamic color scheme highlights the brand’s dedication to excellence and innovation. This design makes the Lassa logo memorable and impactful.