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The Lauda Air logo is a speeding car on the open road, only in the sky. Just as Niki Lauda raced on race tracks, this logo symbolizes the same breathtaking dissection of the air. It is reminiscent of an Austrian mountain, rugged and rugged, but with a spirit of adventure still shimmering in the snow caps. It doesn’t draw attention to itself but quietly goes about its business, ensuring you have a good time. This logo says that you are not just a passenger; you are part of a journey that is as unique as a handwritten postcard after an amazing vacation.

Lauda Air: Brand overview

In 1979, legendary Formula One driver Niki Lauda took a bold step into the aviation industry when he founded Lauda Air Luftfahrt GmbH. Based at Vienna International Airport in Schwechat, Austria, the airline quickly became synonymous with reliability and exceptional service.

Lauda Air was founded on a commitment to creating truly amazing travel experiences. The airline has become the preferred choice for travelers seeking unique and unforgettable journeys, thanks to Niki Lauda’s astute business acumen and magnetic personality.

In 2000, Austrian Airlines and Lauda Air joined forces to form a strategic alliance that enabled Lauda Air to reach new heights. After becoming a subsidiary of Austrian Airlines, Lauda Air focused on leisure and entertainment-oriented flights, expanding into charter operations.

After six years of successful operations, Lauda Air’s independent journey came to an end on April 6, 2013.

Meaning and History

Lauda Air Logo History

What is Lauda Air?

Lauda Air Luftfahrt GmbH, known as Lauda Air, is an Austrian airline with a proud heritage based at Vienna Schwechat International Airport. An important transformation took place on April 6, 2013, when the airline ceased operations under its former name and came under the new Austrian brand myHoliday.

1985 – 2003

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2003 – 2013

Lauda Logo

The word “Lauda” has a unique style. It is written in bold red letters with gold lettering. The last letter, “a,” has an elongated horizontal stripe, and the letter “L” has a bifurcated structure. The unconventional font and the bright color palette set an optimistic mood. The bottom line contains the phrase “The Austrian way to holidays.” The second word is highlighted in red, and the rest of the inscription is colored in black. Between the words “Austrian” and “way” is a small stylized plane that casts a gray shadow.

The bold red letters attract attention, emphasizing the dynamism of the brand. The golden outline gives the brand a touch of luxury and quality. The elongated stripe on the last letter “a” and the bifurcated letter “L” give the design individuality and uniqueness. The phrase “Austrian Way for the Holidays” further emphasizes the company’s focus on the holidays, and the use of different colors in the phrase adds additional visual interest. The small airplane is a witty allusion to the aviation industry, reinforcing the thematic integrity of the logo.