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The American firm adheres to a classic design by producing folding knives and various tools. The Leatherman logo is as multi-structured as the multitools sold under this brand. But it looks abstract and opens up a wide field for imagination.

Leatherman: Brand overview

Founded:July 1983
Founder:Leatherman Tool Group
Portland, Oregon, United States

Leatherman is one of America’s oldest cutting tool manufacturers. He specializes in manufacturing specific products, among which are tools and multitools (special multifunctional knives). The company’s products are of high quality, reliability, and durability, which makes them incredibly popular on a global level. The brand’s founder was even inducted into the Cutlery Hall of Fame. Experts have appreciated its particular design influence on the history of cutlery.

The visual identity of the brand has changed only once. The old classic version was replaced with a more modern and stylish logo that carried a clearer semantic load. The current icon is designed as a frame, inside which the name and a decorative symbol are placed. It has a classic dark color that reflects calmness, safety, and reliability.

Meaning and History

Leatherman Logo History

Leatherman was one of the few companies that developed multitools on a professional basis. Its first developments were already quite durable and of high quality, but the specialists did not stop there. As a result of the use of proven materials, experiments with technology, and product form, completely new multitools have appeared. They included several useful tools in different variations at once. Each of them was quite comfortable and functional.

Initially, Leatherman products had a neat, strict logo. It focused on the name of the company and its products. This confirmed the presence of a corresponding inscription in the center of the emblem and an icon resembling a tool. Later, minor changes were made to the emblem, which mostly affected the decorative badge. It has become simpler and more modern, which in general has significantly improved the appearance of the corporate logo.

What is Leatherman?

Leatherman is a well-known company that manufactures functional tools and multitools (products consisting of several components). The main office is located in the state of Oregon (USA). The main production facilities are also located here. Products are of high quality, reliability, and convenience. Thanks to these features, it has become popular far beyond the country’s borders.

1983 – 2019

Leatherman Logo 1983

Leatherman was founded in 1983 by the University of Mechanical Engineering graduate Timothy S. Leatherman and his partner Steve Berliner. The main direction was the creation of high-quality tools and knives. The brand still produces these products, but with significant changes. At the time of its creation, the company received its first strict thematic logo. The expressive name of Leatherman was located in the center, and the original badge was located on the side.

The decorative symbol was shaped like a multitool with pliers. The image was not chosen by chance since the product is a direct product of the company. Such a drawing not only dilutes the strict inscription but also performs an explanatory function. The main element is the name, Leatherman. The inscription is made in the original style.

The font is distinguished by fairly smooth straight lines without serifs and the presence of clear spaces. The selected rendition looks attractive and also provides good readability. In general, the presented elements demonstrate confidence, professionalism, and trust. This line is complemented by achromatic coloring, emphasizing prestige and honesty.

2019 – today

Leatherman Logo

In 2019, the company had already achieved incredible success and supplied products to the international market. Leatherman decided to make changes to the existing logo to highlight the accomplishments. In the new version, only the decorative icon has changed. Such changes signaled the company’s unchanging course but also emphasized introducing innovation. The updated L-shaped symbol was enclosed in a round frame and resembled a folding knife, one of the products of a well-known manufacturer.

So the brand additionally emphasized that the direction of activity remained the same, and innovations were reflected in the use of new technologies and materials. The font of the inscription remained the same. Despite this, the format harmonized perfectly with the new element. The elegant filling was favorably complemented by the classic colors, consisting of black and white. These colors perfectly conveyed the meaning of Leatherman. They symbolize reliability, high quality, professionalism, and integrity, which are the key principles of activity so far.

Font and Colors

Leatherman Emblem

The Leatherman badge is a carefully crafted picture, the main element of which is a word mark. It is he who conveys the main message of the international company. It clearly shows straight lines of medium thickness without serifs. There are spaces between letters. This format belongs to the category of modern fonts, symbolizing innovation, improvement, and development.

In addition, the chosen style reflects simplicity, reliability, and authority. Additional brand values ​​are also manifested through the right choice of colors. In this case, classic black and white colors are used. The first demonstrates strength, prestige, authority, and reliability. White color is a symbol of honesty and openness.

Leatherman Symbol

In addition, he emphasizes another important characteristic of the company – integrity. Leatherman has used the colors chosen since their inception. The fidelity to the chosen gamut also confirms the stability of the work. The brand has chosen a rather successful strategy and has also put all its efforts into creating a high-quality, reliable product that has only been improved. Due to this, the company has become one of the best in its field and was able to conquer customers from all over the world.

Leatherman color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C