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The Lee Kennedy logo represents design and construction. It shows a precise, unmistakable connection of structures, which allows you to create harmonious structures that please the eye.

Lee Kennedy: Brand overview

Founder:Lee Kennedy Sr.
United States
Lee Kennedy is a full-service American construction company. It deals with the erection of buildings, their design and technical expertise, financial analysis of estimates, and acting as the main contractor. It’s essentially a family business, founded repeatedly because the previous company was liquidated in 1977. In 1978, the entrepreneur Lee Kennedy, Sr. Now the company was managed by his son Lee. He is also its main owner. The post of deputy is his brother Gene. The head office is located in Boston, Massachusetts.

Meaning and History

Lee Kennedy Symbol

The prestige of ordering construction work from Lee Kennedy is not just a trend among customers. It guarantees impeccable quality, high responsibility, and meticulous adherence to the allocated budget. In general, some of the world’s largest and best-known organizations cooperate with the company. These include NBC Sports Boston, Analog Devices, NBCUniversal, New England Cable News, Shark Ninja, etc. The key to it is 100 percent customer-focused.

The Door Award is proof of that. It has to do with employee super-responsibility. An example of this was when one of the carpenters performed the repair of a door so diligently that representatives of Boston Properties (the client’s firm) were surprised and asked why he was so diligent about his responsibilities. He replied that this particular door was the most important job for their company right now.

The same could be said of every one of its representatives. The fact is that the current owner and manager started at the bottom. He worked at his father’s firm as a laborer since high school and continued during college. Lee then went on to graduate with a degree in construction management. When he became head, he kept the original version of the logo, so they only had one sign.

The original logo traditionally has two parts: graphic and text. It depicts several geometric shapes that symbolize a considerable number of construction elements. First, the rectangle on the left resembles an iron T-beam – the foundation of any building. It occupies a vertical position as if it were suspended from a crane for transportation to the desired area. To make the element stand out, the designers painted it in the color marsala.

Second, the part on the right is shaped like a pointer pointing to a hidden speaker, as it resembles an arrow. Therefore, despite the static nature of the two-dimensional image, the illusion is created as if the picture were moving. At the same time, it is almost an exact copy of a fragment of a high-rise crane moving building materials. This fragment is completely yellow. Both parts are at a distance from each other. This suggests that the work is constantly being done, developing, and always in motion.

The lettering is in uppercase, sans serif type. The grotesque is perfectly combined with the left side of the logo, so the text does not stand out from the general concept. On the contrary, it looks like an extension of the logo as the left side looks like the letter “K” – the first character in the founder’s name.

Lee Kennedy: Interesting Facts

Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. is a well-established construction management company in the U.S., recognized for its broad service range and impressive list of projects.

  1. Proven Leadership: For many years, Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. has been a key figure in construction, known for its innovative approaches to building design and project management.
  2. Varied Projects: They’ve worked on everything from schools and luxury homes to corporate offices, hospitals, and cultural centers, showing their ability to handle different construction needs.
  3. Green Building: The company prioritizes sustainable and eco-friendly building practices, aiming for projects that meet LEED certification standards and support environmental care.
  4. Tech-savvy: They use cutting-edge technology, such as Building Information Modeling (BIM), to make construction more efficient, accurate, and collaborative, saving time and money.
  5. Community Involvement: Beyond building, Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. actively participates in community service and philanthropy, showing their dedication to social well-being and development.
  6. Safety First: They are serious about safety, adopting strict standards to protect everyone involved in a project, which speaks to their strong corporate values.
  7. Award-Winning: Their work has earned numerous awards, highlighting their excellence in construction quality, design, and innovation and earning them respect within the industry.
  8. Teamwork: The company values teamwork, closely working with clients, architects, engineers, and others to ensure projects meet or surpass expectations.
  9. Employee Growth: Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. invests in its team, offering training and development opportunities and promoting a culture of learning and advancement.
  10. Preserving History: They are also skilled in historic renovations, expertly updating buildings while respecting their original significance and architectural details.

Lee Kennedy Co. Inc. is distinguished by its commitment to excellence, innovation, and the community, building physical structures, positive relationships, and a healthier environment.

Font and Colors

Lee Kennedy Emblem

The font chosen for the logo is geometric – strict, smooth, and flat. It has no embellishments, as it represents a construction company. The chopped symbols stand freely, not touching each other. The corporate palette includes marsala (which is used for the letters, the left figure) and yellow (used for the arrow).

Lee Kennedy color codes

MurreyHex color:#811745
RGB:123 29 69
CMYK:0 82 47 49
Pantone:PMS 221 C
Sonoran SandHex color:#ffb800
RGB:255 184 0
CMYK:0 28 100 0
Pantone:PMS 7549 C