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Lexus Logo

Lexus Logo
Lexus Logo PNG

Lexus is an automobile brand owned by the Japanese company Toyota. It is an independent division producing luxury cars. Eiji Toyoda founded the company in 1989 and since then has won the trust of customers in more than seventy countries around the world. In terms of market value, it is included in the top 10 Japanese brands. It is headquartered in Nagoya and has operational offices in the United States (Texas) and Belgium (Brussels).

Meaning and History

Lexus Logo History
Evolution of the Lexus Logo

First, under the name Lexus, a corporate project was opened related to developing a premium F1 sedan. Having appeared simultaneously with direct competitors Acura (Honda) and Infiniti (Nissan), it grew into an independent division, becoming a subsidiary of Toyota. Therefore, the sedan, which was launched in 1989, also had an SUV, a convertible, and a coupe of the same series. Later, the line received additional hybrid models. They are still assembled at the factories of the parent company. Overseas, cars have been produced at an enterprise in Ontario since 2003.

From 2001 to 2005, the company underwent a corporate reorganization, after which it acquired its design, production, and dealer centers. It was the debut premium car brand launched in Japan. The company also expanded its range of sports cars and increased sales abroad, becoming the first supplier of hybrid cars to many markets worldwide. Therefore, now its logo is well known to customers in different parts of the world.

The basic identity element is an oval. It demonstrates the inextricable connection between parent and subsidiary companies, as it is present on all logos. The image style is also the same, as evidenced by the metal lines in some versions of the emblems, and there are several of them.

Logo Lexus

And as corporate labeling of business papers and other printed materials, a full version is used, consisting of an inscription and an icon. It contains the word “Lexus” located to the right of the graphic symbol. The letters are individually redesigned and contain an encrypted meaning. For example, the capital “E” and “S” are identical elements and are similar. In the first of them, two identical parts are protruding at the corners to the left. In reality, these are parts of the second symbol: just the bottom side is turned in the opposite direction.

“L” and “U” also echo in shape, visually reminding each other. They have no sharp corners – only smooth transitions. An exception is the letter “X” in the center. It is made with straight and wide stripes in a geometric style. There is an icon to the left of the inscription. It is an open oval with an “L” inside, the legs of which form fragments of an oval. Sometimes the graphic symbol is used separately from the text.

Another variant of corporate identity is in use – with a different grouping of elements. The icon is at the top, and the label is at the bottom. The text completely matches the main version, but the icon does not. Placed inside the “L” does not form an oval – it just fits into it. Volume is added by shadows, which are professionally played in the sign: blackouts go on both sides of the central lines, painted in light gray. This gives the impression of having edges with a metallic tint.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Lexus Emblem

For the lettering in the Lexus emblem, the developers chose a typeface reminiscent of the font from the Alexis category, created by Iconian Fonts. They adapted it to their requirements, changing the outlines of some letters.

Lexus Symbol

The corporate palette includes two sets of colors: black on a white background and gray on a white background. Moreover, the latter consists of three basic shades: metallic, silver, and graphite.