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Liveeds: Brand overview

Founded in 2013 in the Bahamas, Liveeds has carved a niche for itself in video messaging and dating platforms. This modernized app was an innovative twist on the traditional dating and chat tools of its time.

In its formative years, Liveeds prioritized improving its video chat capabilities while expanding its user base. By 2016, the app was widely recognized for its unique random video chat feature.

Over time, Liveeds has become more user-centered. This included the introduction of dynamic video effects, stickers, and filters. In addition to video chats, Liveeds introduced the ability to connect with like-minded people by adding features to explore profiles and suggest potential acquaintances.

At the dawn of the 2020s, Liveeds began to boom globally, driven by its excellent video quality, fast user-matching algorithms, and engaging gameplay. Today, Liveeds is one of the leading players in video social interaction and dating apps. With 100 million downloads worldwide, the appeal of Liveeds lies in its ability to spontaneously connect users through video chats and an innovative profile-matching system.

Meaning and History

Liveeds Logo History

2013 – 2019

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2019 – 2022

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2022 – today

Liveeds Logo

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