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This company positions itself as a progressive manufacturer of adhesives and surface treatments. That’s why the Loctite logo projects durability, reliability, and confidence. Its dynamic nature shows the brand’s will to develop to improve its products continuously.

Loctite: Brand overview

Founded: 1956
Founder: Henkel North American Consumer Goods
Connecticut, United States
Website: loctite.com
Loctite is an American company specializing in producing and selling adhesives. It was founded in 1956. The first product was officially presented and sold on July 26 of the same year. Every year there is an increase in the popularity of the presented brand due to the scale of production and the quality of the final product. Today, the presented brand belongs to the German corporation Henkel. The largest company in Germany acquired the American brand in 1997, and since that time, it has been considered one of the main brands. Loctite products are available to customers from more than 100 countries worldwide. Adhesives and sealants are ideal for industrial applications and are also used extensively by hobby customers Headquartered in Düsseldorf. Over the past few years, Loctite has placed particular emphasis on sustainable and environmentally friendly technologies.

Meaning and History

Loctite Logo History

The brand’s visual identity is at a high level, as its logo has hardly changed in over 65 years of the brand’s existence. The brand logo is light, bright, and memorable. Consequently, it stands out from competitors in producing various types of glue because they choose duller colors. The bold and bold tone allows you to hook the target audience even before they purchase Loctite products.

Loctite Symbol

The logo consists exclusively of a word inscription in red, placed against a white rectangle. The brand name used a classic bold sans-serif font. All letters are slightly slanted to the right, indicating the use of italics. The lines in the symbols are clear and straight, which makes the logo more neat and harmonious. The elongated capital letters look powerful and only confirm the brand’s credibility in the adhesive market. There is enough space between the characters, which makes the verbal inscription more ambitious and confident.

What is Loctite?

It is one of the biggest brands in the world when it comes to adhesives, superglues, epoxy, construction adhesives, and thread lockers. More than 100 million people purchase Loctite products every year. Therefore, this brand does not need additional advertising because almost everyone has heard of it.

The logo is generally based on the principles of conciseness and minimalism. The company name is the only element of the logo other than the white lines in the first three letters. Due to these lines, the company tried to create a more pronounced color contrast. Moreover, they could be associated with the glue, which this company is engaged in producing. The combination of red and white is associated with love and passion. At the same time, white alone makes the logo look lighter and cleaner.

Font and Colors

Loctite Emblem

The Loctite brand wordmark is in a classic bold italic sans-serif using capital letters with wide spaces between them. This option makes the logo more ambitious and confident, allowing the brand to stand out from the competition.

Most logo variations are presented in a red and white color palette. A successful combination of colors attracts the target audience’s attention, causing it to associate with love, passion, and the desire for development.

Loctite color codes

Red Hex color: #ff0000
RGB: 255 0 0
CMYK: 0 100 100 0
Pantone: PMS 1655 C