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The vibrant Los Angeles logo invites tourists to immerse themselves in the sunny atmosphere of vacation on the west coast of the US. It embodies freedom, joy, and optimism. The emblem also displays the diverse culture beyond just the Hollywood district.

Los Angeles: Brand overview

Founded:May 23, 1835
California, United States
Los Angeles is not just an American metropolis. It is a unique atmosphere, a concept that unites many attractions – from beautiful parks and architectural monuments to art galleries and the “HOLLYWOOD” sign on top of a hill. The Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board develops the city’s tourism industry. This private non-profit organization promotes L.A. as one of the best places for leisure and business. It periodically changes its logo to draw more attention to the City of Angels.

Meaning and History

Los Angeles Logo History

The private organization Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board, better known by the short name LA Tourism, positions its native metropolis as the best place for leisure and business. It conducts marketing campaigns and provides detailed information about the city, hotels, events, transportation infrastructure, and other issues that may interest travelers or business partners. This increases the revenue from the tourism industry and contributes to creating new jobs. The organization regularly updates its logo to make Los Angeles attractive to the public eye.

There have been several emblems in the city’s history. These are mainly textual signs with different designs – from a strict print font to casual inscriptions made by hand. They enhance the authority of L.A. among those who can influence the city’s financial position, that is, among tourists, investors, and business people. One of the most striking is the 2021 logo, which resembles Art Deco-style graffiti aimed at the millennial and Zoomer generations.

What is Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the second-largest city in the US, the main metropolis of Southern California. It is home to the Hollywood film industry and is recognized as the creative capital of the planet, as it houses many artists. Thanks to its advantageous geographical location, L.A. can boast a warm climate, long beaches, picturesque mountains, and rich vegetation. The city attracts millions of tourists and investments, and the Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board handles its promotion.

before 2012

Los Angeles Logo before 2012

Before 2012, the LA Tourism organization used a logo with the inscription “LOSANGELES” without spaces. Both words here are executed in the same bold sans-serif font. They are separated only by the color scheme: the orange “L,” the burgundy “O,” and the turquoise “S” stand out brightly against the other black letters. The gray phrase “THE OFFICIAL GUIDE ” is in the top right corner,” reduced several times. The strict font conveys the image of Los Angeles as an elegant and modern city, considered a world center of art and innovation.

2012 – 2018

Los Angeles Logo 2012

In this logo, the city’s name is executed in a flamboyant, thin, and illegible handwritten black font. This design is related to the organization positioning L.A. as a place to find unique experiences. The creative inscription symbolizes the city’s creative origin, individuality, and exclusivity.

In the top left corner is the word “DISCOVER,” set in straight, bold sans-serif letters. It indicates that Los Angeles Tourism & Convention Board provides information and opportunities for travel enthusiasts.

2019 – 2021

Los Angeles Logo 2019

The logo used until 2021 contains a white inscription with a blue outline. Handwritten letters convey the individuality and creativity inherent to the City of Angels. Rounded smooth lines add softness and lightness to the inscription. This reflects the friendly atmosphere and pleasant climate. And the unevenly thick outline creates the illusion of movement, symbolizing the active life of the metropolis.

2021 – today

Los Angeles Logo

On June 16, 2021, LA Tourism introduced a new logo to mark the lifting of most COVID-19-related restrictions. It signified the revival of the tourism industry and was used in the advertising campaign. The emblem design was conceived by two firms: Studio Number One, headed by Shepard Fairey, and House Industries, under the leadership of Andy Cruz.

Fairey, the author of the iconic “Hope” poster for presidential candidate Barack Obama, noted that he closely collaborated with Cruz. They studied the city’s culture, absorbed its optimism, and created a vivid graffiti-style symbol with characteristic lively, dynamic lines. It depicts the inscription “Los Angeles” against the backdrop of a setting sun. This emblem conveys the city’s flavor with beaches, palms, and landmarks but does not directly mention them.

  • The dome-shaped sun simultaneously resembles the roof of the Griffith Observatory, Cinerama Dome, or the arch of the Hollywood Bowl. It also references the picturesque sunsets and warm climate.
  • The chaotic lines under the sun could be both a symbol of creativity and an abstract ocean.
  • The Art Deco style inscription conveys the image of L.A. as a creative and freedom-loving city. Cruz admitted that skateboard graphics inspired it.

Font and Colors

Los Angeles Symbol

The handwritten text on the 2021 logo is made in a sharp, flamboyant font that gives a sense of movement. It expresses the dynamism of Los Angeles and its energetic atmosphere. The initial letters slightly shift downwards, indicating the city’s openness and expansiveness.

Los Angeles Emblem

The tropical palette of the emblem represents a beautiful day in L.A. from sunrise to sunset. The gradient includes vibrant colors: gold, pink, purple, and turquoise. The smooth transition of shades symbolizes the multifaceted metropolis with its rich nature, diverse attractions, and developed tourist infrastructure.