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The monograms of the emblem refer to the wine house as an old company with a rich history. The Louis Roederer logo conveys confidence, dignity, and the measured pace of work developed over the centuries. At the helm are experts who know how to create the best wine.

Louis Roederer: Brand overview

Founder:Louis Roederer
Louis Roederer is the man who named his uncle’s company after himself when he inherited it. A Reim’s relative founded Dubois Father and Son Champagne House in 1776. Louis took over the business in 1833 and immediately renamed it. The production of champagne is still a family affair, and all the managers are wine experts, which in this case is quite rare.

Meaning and History

Louis Roederer Symbol

The Louis Roederer brand became especially famous in 1876. On its centennial anniversary, Louis Roederer II (representative of the third generation of the family) began supplying champagne to the Russian Tsar Alexander II. Moreover, he developed an alcoholic drink on an individual order and gave the novelty the name Cristal. This brand exists to this day. And in 1908, another ruler, Nicolas II, assigned the company the status of an official supplier of wines, which were served at the royal table.

The manufacturer pays great attention to detail, so he grows grapes in the Champagne region, guided by organic principles. The duration of aging of champagne is also strictly regulated: for Cristal, it is six years; for vintage drinks – 5 years; for Brut Premier – 3.5 years. This explains the high price of champagne and the premium look of the packaging, which became even more fantastic after the redesign carried out in 2014. It was then that the new Louis Roederer logo was introduced, which is still used today.

It does not differ much from the old version. Still, Philippe di Meo, who was responsible for rethinking the corporate identity, tried to make it even more elegant and at the same time show the authenticity of the company. As a result, the traditional oval seal in the form of a monogram of the letters “LR” has become larger. Considering that earlier, it was visible only on Cristal labels, this brought the super-expensive champagne brand closer to other sparkling wines produced by Louis Roederer. The print doesn’t just intertwine the “L” and the “R” – it brings together the brand’s modernity and historical past.

The inscription was changed in the same way. The designer made it expressive and elegant to show the sophistication of prestigious drinks. There are no other elements in the logo except for the monogram and text. But they are quite enough for labeling bottles, given the manufacturer’s desire for a minimalist design.

The most important distinguishing symbol of Louis Roederer is the seal, which looks like a monogram “LR” in a double oval. The letters look atypical for today, but very characteristic of the 18th century, when the Louis Roederer company was founded. And this emblem also demonstrates the connection of the family house of champagne with the ruling elite because it originally adorned the label of Cristal, a sparkling wine created especially for the Russian Tsar. The artistic interweaving of “L” and “R” is reminiscent of the exquisite medieval monograms used by important persons to fasten their letters.

Font and Colors

Louis Roederer Emblem

The Louis Roederer logo features two radically different fonts. For the phrase “MAISON FONDÉE EN 1776”, the designers chose a subtle grotesque. The middle horizontal strokes “F” and “E” are shortened by almost half, reminiscent of Armitage Regular from Dunwich Type Founders. At the same time, the rest of the letters have nothing to do with this typeface.

The second and third lines (“LOUIS ROEDERER” and “CHAMPAGNE”) use a high-contrast triangular serif font. All characters are in uppercase, but the first “L” and “R” are enlarged. The black color unites the inscriptions and the monogram, although there are versions with the addition of gold. The background of the official logo is white.

Louis Roederer color codes

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