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LovelyWholesale: Brand overview

Founded in 2010 in China, LovelyWholesale got its start in the e-commerce world by positioning itself as a one-stop virtual store specializing in selling women’s apparel, shoes, jewelry, intimate apparel and other fashion accessories for the global market. The brand’s mission is based on a commitment to offer modern, chic merchandise at prices that resonate with a wide audience.

Operations centers and warehouses are located in China’s major cities, particularly Guangzhou – a renowned epicenter of apparel manufacturing – allowing LovelyWholesale to be in close proximity to a reservoir of materials and emerging fashion trends. This geographical advantage, combined with an extensive product range of over 10,000 unique items, allows the brand to cater to a variety of consumer preferences, from casual wear to occasion-oriented outfits.

LovelyWholesale’s market strategy is based on leveraging bulk purchasing opportunities and long-standing relationships with wholesale suppliers. This formula ensures a seamless distribution of relevant fashion at prices that appeal to the masses. The brand has now expanded far beyond its Chinese origins, gaining recognition as a sought-after online fashion retailer for women around the world.

Meaning and History

LovelyWholesale Logo History

What is LovelyWholesale?

LovelyWholesale is a fashion hub for those who want to convey their unique style through clothing. The company has a range of over 10,000 luxury items. Founded in 2010, the company embodies global fashion trends in stylish clothing, shoes, jewelry and lingerie, providing fashion lovers around the world with affordable and quality products.

2010 – 2020

LovelyWholesale Logo 2010

2020 – today

LovelyWholesale Logo

This online shopping site for men’s and women’s clothing gravitates towards a business style, so its logo is in black. It is formal, practical, and serious, consisting mainly of lowercase letters. The only exceptions are the letters “L” and “W” at the beginning of words, which, by the way, are written merged. Thus, capital letters emphasize each part. The ends of the letters are rounded, so the emblem does not create a feeling of unfriendliness. The two-dimensionality gives it simplicity, hinting that the site is easy to use.

Black color emblem – it is like an always relevant black dress or suit – always fit, always stylish. Rounded letters resemble a friendly handshake, not too intrusive but still professional. You can see such a logo and think: “Well, here they know what they are doing and do not fuss.”

LovelyWholesale color codes

Pigment RedHex color:#f61c23
RGB:246 28 35
CMYK:0 89 86 4
Pantone:PMS Bright Red C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C