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LSI: Brand overview

LSI was founded in Santa Clara, California, in 1981 through the collaborative efforts of Wilfred Corrigan, Bill O’Meara, Rob Walker, and Mitchell “Mick” Bohn. The company quickly innovated in the areas of application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and electronic design automation (EDA). Specializing in semiconductors and software, LSI focused on key areas such as data storage, data center management, mobile networking, and personal computing devices.

The company went public two years after its founding with an initial public offering (IPO) that raised $153 million. In April 2007, LSI Logic merged with Agere Systems, a former division of Lucent Technologies. The merger, in an all-stock transaction valued at $4 billion, formed the new LSI Corporation.

Since the merger, LSI Corporation has honed its expertise in creating chips for broadband and wireless communications, data networks, and other consumer equipment such as set-top boxes. It has also delved into enterprise solutions, focusing on networking and storage chips. The company took another turn on May 6, 2014, when it was acquired by Avago Technologies, which was later renamed Broadcom Inc. in a deal valued at $6.6 billion.

Meaning and History

LSI Logo History

1981 – 2007

LSI Logic Logo 1981

2007 – 2014

LSI Corporation Logo

A software company uses a graphic-text logo in which both parts are harmoniously combined and perfectly balance each other. On the left is the company name written in capital letters and colored in gray. On the right is the trademark symbol, which consists of six pairs of spikes in orange, blue, and green colors. In the negative space between them, you can see the outline of a white six-pointed star.

The logo resembles an interesting puzzle in which each piece fits in its place. The gray text speaks of “serious business,” and the spikes on the right remind us of a party of colors – each with its own vibe. Orange is like sunlight, blue is like the sky, and green is like trees or even money. The hidden white star is like a little secret waiting to be discovered, making you think there’s more to this company than meets the eye.

LSI color codes

GrayHex color:#7c8083
RGB:124 128 131
CMYK:5 2 0 49
Pantone:PMS 430 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#01b1e7
RGB:1 177 231
CMYK:100 23 0 9
Pantone:PMS 312 C
Kelly GreenHex color:#64c500
RGB:100 197 0
CMYK:49 0 100 23
Pantone:PMS 802 C
Dark OrangeHex color:#ff8e00
RGB:255 142 0
CMYK:0 44 100 0
Pantone:PMS 151 C