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The Lululemon logo is unique due to its stylized first letter of the alphabet, symbolizing the phrase “Athletically Hip.” The name has no inherent meaning and was deliberately invented to include three ‘L’s to “repel” Japanese business and dissonance with other names in that country.

Lululemon: Brand overview

Founder:Chip Wilson
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Lululemon is a trade name of Lululemon Athletica, a company engaged in retail sales of athletic apparel. Founded in 1998 as a yoga kit sales point, it gradually expanded to 460 stores and one website, selling a vast range of products. The brand’s founder is businessman Chip Wilson. Its headquarters is located in Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada).

Meaning and History

Lululemon Logo History

The brand’s logo appeared in the first year of its existence. Before making the final choice, the company’s founder hesitated for a long time, so he organized a contest. Among 20 presented brand names, the word “Lululemon” caught his attention, and he liked the stylized omega Ω emblem, although its paired name did not win.

What is Lululemon?

Lululemon is a manufacturer and retail seller of sportswear and casual wear, accessories, dry shampoos, and deodorants. It owns over 490 branded stores in North America, Oceania, Asia, and Europe.

Lululemon: Interesting Facts

Lululemon is a company from Canada that makes good clothes for yoga and working out. It started in 1998 in Vancouver by a guy named Chip Wilson. At first, it was a place for designing clothes and doing yoga, but then it became just a store.

  1. How it Started: Chip Wilson opened the first store in 1998. It was different because it was all about yoga clothes for women, which wasn’t common then.
  2. Special Clothes: They make comfy, stretchy clothes that keep you dry when you sweat. People like them because they feel good and work well for yoga or any workout.
  3. Community Stuff: Lululemon offers cool things like free yoga classes in its stores and works with local sportspeople to promote staying active and healthy.
  4. Fun Bags: Their shopping bags have motivational words and sayings about living a good life. It’s a clever way to share their beliefs and make people feel good.
  5. Growing Big: The company has opened many stores worldwide because more people are getting into staying fit and healthy.
  6. For Everyone: Although they started with just women’s yoga clothes, now they also make clothes for men, like joggers and shirts that help keep you cool.
  7. Running and Yoga Event: They organize a big annual event in Vancouver, including a half-marathon run, yoga, and music. This shows how much they care about fitness, health, and bringing people together.

Lululemon has become a big name in workout clothes because they focus on making great products, supporting healthy living, and building a community around fitness.

Font and Colors

Lululemon Emblem

The graphic symbol accurately conveys the direction of yoga, to which the company gives priority. Hence, the choice was made in its favor. Additionally, it resembles the capital letter “A” without a horizontal bar. A word with such a letter is present in the full name of the company – Lululemon Athletica.

The logo associatively reminds of Omega – a letter of the Greek alphabet. The symbol is depicted in smooth lines, without sharp angles and abrupt transitions – all parts smoothly flow into each other. The logo is placed in a circle, located between the two words of the company’s name.

Lululemon Symbol

The concise font with rounded letters looks perfect next to the smooth lines and curves. Together, they form a balanced harmony, which is visually appealing.

The logo’s palette consists of several color combinations: red and white, black and white. They can be used in different variations – for example, a red sign and a white background, or vice versa.

Lululemon color codes

Amaranth RedHex color:#d41934
RGB:212 25 22
CMYK:0 88 75 17
Pantone:PMS 185 C
BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C


What Does the Lululemon Logo Represent?

The Lululemon logo resembles the Omega symbol, women’s hair, and a cattle brand. It represents a stylized letter “A” – the first letter of the phrase “Athletically Hip.” The creators wanted to name the brand just that, but another variant – Lululemon – won in the survey.

Does Lululemon Fix Logos?

This depends on the store where the Lululemon item was purchased. Some employees replace the logo, while others do not. No one is obligated to do this, as the company does not provide such a service.

Where Does Lululemon Place Its Logos?

Lululemon places its logo on all its products. Speaking of clothing alone, the distinctive sign can often be found on the shoulders, calves, or sacrum.

What Does the Word Lululemon Mean?

The word “Lululemon” has no meaning. Chip Wilson invented the word with three ‘L’s because he believed the Japanese found this letter difficult to pronounce. He wanted the brand name to seem authentic to the Japanese.