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Brand cosmetics always hit the target. Hits on any flaws. The Lumene logo looks very presentable; the emblem exudes harmony and beauty, which the manufacturer promises to users of its products.

Lumene: Brand overview

Founder:Langholm Capital LLP
Espoo, Finland
Lumene is a Finnish brand of a wide range of face and body care products that supply cosmetics to the USA, Russia, Scandinavia, and its own country. It has existed since 1948 and is now owned by the English investor Langholm Capital LLP from London. Its head office is located in Espoo, Finland.

Meaning and History

Lumene Symbol

This brand has a very long-standing logo, which from the very beginning contained the name. In turn, it is associated with the authentic name of the Finnish lake Lummenne, located in the Kauklahti area, where the manufacturer’s headquarters is based. Moreover, the brand had several logo options, the most famous of which was the last one.

The personal visual identification mark consists of the large word “Lumene.” It can have a different background and textual addition: the country to which it belongs, or a slogan expressing its concept. It is a simple logo in style with the main focus on the name. The designers focused on the two letters “E,” extending the middle horizontal line to give it originality. They also highlighted the “M”: placed a small ring in the center above the recess.

What is Lumene?

Lumene is a cosmetics manufacturer from Finland, named after Lake Lummenne, and has been operating in the market since 1948. The company mainly covers three foreign markets: China, the United Kingdom, and Scandinavia. The brand’s headquarters are located in Espoo, and it is owned by Verdane.

Font and Colors

Lumene Emblem

The developers chose a clear and well-readable typeface for the logo, which is part of the Sans Serif group, and made an individual typeface based on it. She has simple letters with small but original details. The color scheme of the logo is minimalistic: black letters on a white background.

Lumene color codes

Charleston GreenHex color:#112028
RGB:17 32 40
CMYK:58 20 0 84
Pantone:PMS 5395 C