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Mack logo is always ready for the road. The emblem brings the trucks to life, showing that everyone has the soul of a wanderer and a true friend. The mark guarantees the machine’s devotion and diligent work for the buyer’s benefit.

Mack: Brand overview

Founded:July 26, 1900
Founder:John Mack, Augustus Mack
Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.

Mack is an American truck brand that has been around for over 120 years. Manufacturer’s headquarters in North Carolina. The main operating sites are located in Pennsylvania, Virginia, and Maryland; there are also factories in Australia and South America.

The story began in the New York area of Brooklyn with John Mack, who saw the future of transportation. It was he who inspired his brothers to work together. Each of the Mack family members already had some experience in the transport business by the time they bought Fallesen & Berry in 1893. Based on the acquired company, they laid the foundations of what later became the Mack Brothers Company and, from 1921, Mack Trucks.

Meaning and History

Mack Logo History

Permanence is a special feature of company logos. Despite the change of owners, the company has remained true to its mark for decades, creating trust and a sense of customer reliability. The symbols feel the strength and power of machines, which does not prevent them from moving easily and quickly. Emblems show the way from the newest and little-known direction to worldwide fame and high demand for trucks.

What is Mack?

Company of heavy-duty off-road trucks, tractors, and truck chassis in the 8th, 7th, and 6th classes, owned by Volvo Trucks. It produces all components and assemblies and assembles finished machines. Main models: AC, Anthem, Pinnacle, Granite, LR Electric, TerraPro, MD, LR. They are sold in 30 countries around the world.

1900 – today

Mack Trucks Logo 1900

The company’s main logo, which has been used for more than a century, is considered a simple white inscription Mack, made in printed, slightly elongated square type. Each letter has a subtle black border that stands out against the white background.

The names of the founders give the named company. The company’s origins were the Huguenot brothers John, August, William, Joseph, Gus, and Charles Mack. The founders named the new automobile company in their honor Mack Brothers Company. Hence the word in the logo. Interestingly, the trucks were originally branded Manhattan and only in 1910 turned into Mack.

White color speaks of new beginnings. By the beginning of the 20th century, the brothers had been producing vans and carriages for seven years. However, technological progress pushed them to work with engines and cars, so they started assembling buses and trucks. It was a new business from scratch. And the automotive industry stood at its origins (the first truck appeared in 1885, 5 years before the brothers’ company).

White also talks about inventions. John Mack, who inspired the company’s creation, was a talented inventor, as was August. Their developments formed the basis of the design features of the models, making them unique. For example, direct gear shifting from low to high and back, spring starter.

Hints of color and faith. The brothers were descendants of the French Huguenots, which guaranteed honest and conscientious business conduct.

1985 – 2014

Mack Trucks Logo 1985

The company is in crisis. She had to give up fire engines and many mainline tractors. On the other hand, the production of French cars on Renault diesel engines was adjusted since this company bought a 20% stake in Mack.

The logo of that period showed changes in the structure and work of the automaker. The black capital letters of the name echoed the black Renault badge of the period, showing the relationship between the firms.

The color indicates heavy transport, working machines.

All logo letters are written in cursive and linked together, except for M, which shows that the brand’s history is moving further and further away from the family of founding brothers, taking on a new path. During the first 20 years of its existence, most of the brothers left the company in the first 15 years. Everyone went about their business. After their departure, the company developed smoothly and consistently without their participation.

1992 – 2014

Mack Trucks Logo 1992

Starting in 1979, the company was gradually bought out by Renault, until in 1990, it received a 60% share, and Mack became its subsidiary. The new owners set out to rescue the bankrupt company and, among other things, made changes to the logo. It was decided to place the famous bulldog on the emblem.

The symbol was first used in 1921 when the owners who remained after the gradual departure of the brothers renamed the company Mack Trucks. The figurine comes from the construction of trucks created by Alfred Masury in 1916 under the AC brand, nicknamed Bulldog.

Since 1921, a dog badge has been attached to their cockpit. To show the profitability of buying a truck, the bulldog tore up the book Hauling Costs, demonstrating the low cost of travel for the user. The clients liked the move, and from 1922 the dog was attached to all cars.

The animal did not become part of the logo, but Mack cars were well recognized by it. Therefore, the new owners in 1992 introduced the symbol into the emblem.

In the image, the bulldog stands in an oval half-turn to the viewer. He seems to be watching the road and the proper operation of the machines.

The black figure with a metal rim and the name in the center almost match the round grille on the first truck models. The edging consists of two thin circles of metal rolled up in the form of a rope. And the name is written in cursive with an elongated ending of the letter K, turning into an underscore.

It seems that all the elements are applied by a machine using a jet of molten steel, which then solidifies. Their brilliance matches the brilliance of all the metal parts of the truck cab and shows modern technology and the beauty of machines.

Underlining the brand from the end says that the company honors its history and bases new projects on past experience and best practices.

2014 – today

Mack Trucks Logo

Stephen Roy becomes the new director. He decides to change the logo. In it, the company returned to its roots, using the most famous Mack lettering, but not in white, but in black. The image of the dog has become more technological and resembles a robot figure, which makes it the prototype of a machine with a soul. The gaze of the animal is directed to the future. It sits perched above the last letter of its name as if waiting for the command to rush forward. The image shows the firm’s commitment to long-term existence and development.

Font and Colors

The main colors of the logos are white and black. A tandem of strength and new developments, care for the environment, and confident driving on the roads.

The inscription font is unique, similar to Winner Sans Extended Black. It encodes the high manufacturability and oblong shape of truck cabs.

Mack color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C