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Magellan: Brand overview

Magellan Navigation was founded in 1986 by Ed Tuck in partnership with Boundary Fund, a venture capital fund specializing in technology, headquartered in San Dimas, California. Inspired by the name of the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan, the company quickly became a GPS pioneer. Three years after its founding, it released the NAV 1000, which became the world’s first commercial handheld GPS receiver and set the standard for future consumer GPS devices.

During the 1990s, the company gained significant market share with its consumer GPS units, particularly the SporTrak series. In 1994, Magellan was absorbed by Orbital Sciences Corporation, which owned the company until 2001, when it was sold to private investors.

As Magellan entered the new millennium, the company did not stop there. The company continued its innovation with the introduction of the RoadMate series of portable navigation systems designed for automobiles. The company further expanded its specialization to include passenger cars, SUVs, and off-road vehicles and also ventured into the development of mapping software.

Today, Magellan is a subsidiary of MiTAC International Corporation based in Taiwan. Nevertheless, the company still holds a significant market share, offering a variety of GPS technologies ranging from outdoor handhelds and surveillance cameras to marine GPS systems.

Meaning and History

Magellan Logo History

1986 – today

Magellan Logo

The Magellan logo consists of two key elements: text and a graphic symbol in the form of a horizontally elongated ellipse. At the same time, it represents an orbit, which indicates the specialization of the manufacturer in a certain area of high-tech devices. In the front part of the oval is drawn a large single dot symbolizing the planet. It revolves around the name of the company. The text consists of tall, graceful letters in a geometric style with more angles than curves. The font is uppercase, sans-serif, bold.

The logo resembles a mini-universe. The elongated ellipse resembles an orbit that moves in a circle, as if to say, “Hey, we know our business when it comes to navigation.” The large dot resembles a lonely planet just going about its business. The text is tall and stands up straight as if it is very confident. The letters are pointed rather than round, making them look like little rockets ready to take off. It all brings to mind thoughts of space, movement, and exploration.

Magellan color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C
Lapis LazuliHex color:#2361aa
RGB:35 97 170
CMYK:79 43 0 33
Pantone:PMS 2945 C