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“It only takes a couple of glasses of liquor to feel like relaxing on exotic beaches,” the Malibu logo says. The image reveals the beauty of the sunset before the viewer and invites you on a pleasant journey.

Malibu: Brand overview

Founder:West Indies Rum Distillery Ltd.
Malibu is a brand of coconut-flavored 21-degree rum liqueur. He is a true legend of the alcohol industry.

Meaning and History

Malibu Logo History

For the first time, this drink appeared in 1893 on the island of Curacao in the Caribbean. Since 1980 it has been produced in Barbados. The brand that issued it was resold several times until it became part of the Pernod Ricard Group. This event is dated 2005th year.

Today Malibu is produced in the town of Black Rock (West Indies) – at the West Indian Rum Distillery. Like many years ago, it is still blended with coconut extract according to legendary recipes. Moreover, it remains exotic and sophisticated. All this is reflected in detail in the corporate logo, imbued with the Caribbean coast’s spirit.

The brand wants to stay in line with modern events, keep up with life, and use trendy techniques to delight consumers with exquisite taste. Therefore, the latest redesign has improved the logo, adapting it to electronic sales. As a result, the label, label, and logo accurately reflect the low-alcohol drink’s mood: relaxation, calmness, and freshness.

The branding of the brand gravitates towards identity. Its authentic character is enhanced by the vibrant landscape of the Caribbean surroundings. Simultaneously, its design is evolving from simple to complex, acquiring more and more attractive details. They convey legendary product value and relevance, regardless of season or year, outside of the individual paradise.

The emblem of the famous brand depicts two palm trees against a sunset background. At first, the logo was in black and white, but then it got colorful. Palms are located in the center: one is high, the other is low. A slight glare of the setting sun is highlighted on the leaves. The opening variation also shows a piece of land. And in the later version, it is not: the plants seem to look into the porthole, inviting them to enjoy life in the carefree nature.

The original emblem depicted the sun’s disk in half; now, it is complete. It obscures the sky, promising a bright mood and excellent weather. Simultaneously, through the designers’ efforts, the red color eventually turned into an attractive yellow with a slight darkening along the edge.

What is Malibu?

Malibu is an alcoholic beverage based on Caribbean rum, coconut extract, and distilled water. The brand was introduced in 1982 and is now owned by Pernod Ricard. The liqueur has a refreshing tropical taste, making it popular on beaches and resort parties: it is consumed with ice or as part of various cocktails, such as Malibu Sunset and Piña Colada.

1982 – 2013

Malibu Logo 1982

As already mentioned, the Malibu logo contains an exotic landscape that reflects the place of production of this rum-containing spirit. The brand’s birthplace is the island nation of Barbados, so its debut emblem depicted a small island with two palm trees. The choice of vegetation is because Malibu liqueur contained natural coconut extract from the first day. The artists detailed the trunks, leaves, and fruits but presented them in a white and brown palette. The little piece of land below was also brown. The only bright spot was a red-yellow sun with a gradient. It rose on the horizon, so it looked not like a disk but like a semicircle. It can be assumed that then it was dawn, and the palm trees darkened at dusk. The brand name was at the top and formed an arch. It used a bold font with rectangular serifs.

2013 – 2019

Malibu Logo 2013

In 2013, the letters became more elegant and acquired short triangular serifs with rounded ends. At the same time, the inscription was enlarged, and a contrasting font began to be used for it. The palm trees changed places: the big one was on the left, and the small one was on the right. In addition, in this version, they did not grow from a piece of land (it was moved to the background) but from a dark gold ring that forms a frame. The palms themselves were part dark gold, part brown. The base was a red circle with a yellow gradient spot inside. Obviously, this is how the artists depicted the sun.

2019 – today

Malibu Logo

After another redesign, the lower half of the sky became yellow, and the upper half became dark pink, while the two colors smoothly transitioned into one another. The letters have lost the decorative contours that made them voluminous. The serifs have become much smaller, and they are short. But this is offset by extensions at the ends of the glyphs. The horizon line no longer looks like a hill – the artists have leveled it, although not perfectly. Instead of dark brown, light brown is now used, and beige with a green tint has replaced dark gold.

Malibu: Interesting Facts

Malibu Rum is famous for its coconut flavor and is often associated with beach and tropical vibes, making it a favorite in the alcohol industry, especially for cocktails.

  1. How It Started: Malibu was created in the 1980s in Curaçao to make piña coladas easier to prepare by bartenders, blending rum with coconut flavor to avoid needing extra coconut ingredients.
  2. Bottle Design: Malibu’s white bottle and palm tree logo are well-known, symbolizing the tropical and relaxed lifestyle the brand promotes.
  3. Worldwide Love: Initially a specialty item, Malibu is now sold in over 150 countries, becoming a top choice in flavored spirits globally.
  4. Flavor Variety: Besides the classic coconut, Malibu offers flavors like mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and lime to suit various tastes and cocktail recipes.
  5. Joining Pernod Ricard: In 2005, Malibu joined Pernod Ricard, one of the largest spirit sellers, helping it grow its presence worldwide.
  6. Cocktail Flexibility: Malibu is known for its use in various cocktails, from simple mixes with cola or juice to more elaborate drinks, not just the piña colada.
  7. Marketing: Its ads promote Malibu as “sunshine in a bottle,” aiming at those seeking fun and a break from the everyday.
  8. Malibu Games: The brand hosts beach events with influencers and celebrities, reinforcing its image as a fun, youthful drink.
  9. Cultural Icon: Beyond the drinks industry, Malibu has appeared in songs, movies, and social media, becoming synonymous with party and relaxation scenes.

Malibu Rum’s journey from a bartender’s aid to a global beverage icon shows its appeal in capturing the Caribbean spirit in a bottle, which people everywhere enjoy when making tropical-themed drinks.

Font and Colors

Malibu Emblem

The text part contains only the brand name. The word “Malibu” is placed at the top of the logo. It hangs in a semicircle over the palm trees, resembling an arch in shape. They are written in a custom font based on the classic Bengali Serre, which echoes Fire Ladder (shadow lines) and Dragon Serial Heavy (strict serif style).

Malibu Symbol

The color scheme is traditionally the Caribbean, which includes white (coconut pulp and white sandy beaches), orange, golden, yellow (sunny shades), and brown (coconut skin).

Malibu color codes

Black CoffeeHex color:#3e2b2d
RGB:62 43 45
CMYK:0 31 27 76
Pantone:PMS 4975 C
Middle YellowHex color:#ffec00
RGB:255 236 0
CMYK:0 7 100 0
Pantone:PMS 102 C
Pictorial CarmineHex color:#cd134d
RGB:205 19 77
CMYK:0 91 62 20
Pantone:PMS 192 C
Olive GreenHex color:#b1a45d
RGB:177 164 93
CMYK:0 7 47 31
Pantone:PMS 617 C