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The Mammut logo is associated with mountaineering equipment, but not directly, but with unusual images associated with snowy mountains. This is an example of a successful visual identity, playing with the brand’s name.

Mammut: Brand overview

Founder:Kaspar Tanner
Seon, Switzerland

Mammut is a Swiss company specializing in mountaineering products, accessories, and clothing production and sale. It was created in 1862 by Kaspar Tanner in Dintikon. To date, its rights belong to Telemos Capital, which bought the brand from the Conzetta Group. The company’s headquarters is located in Seon, Switzerland. Mammut employs a little less than 500. Annual sales average 200-220 million Swiss francs.

It should be noted that the company’s representative offices are located outside of Switzerland. For example, the central European-oriented branch is located in Memmingen, Germany. It continues to expand.

Meaning and History

Mammut Logo History

The brand’s visual recognition is at a high level among millions of mountain fans around the world. The logo is easy to remember and stands out from the competition due to the presence of a mammoth on the emblem. With this animal, many associate winters are considered the best time of the year for conquering new mountain peaks. Also, it is worth noting that over the more than 150-year history of the brand, the logo has not changed much.

It consists of a word inscription and a legendary emblem located on top. These two elements perfectly contrast with each other, making the image more holistic and progressive.

What is a Mammoth?

It is one of the largest international companies specializing in mountaineering and travel products.

Mammut Symbol

The company name is written in a classic bold sans-serif font. The lines in the letters are thick and crisp, which adds a positive feel to the brand. Even though all the symbols look simple, they harmoniously fit into the overall concept, causing a feeling of confidence. All letters in the verbal inscription are in capital letters and are made in red, which many people associate with passion and development. The distance between the characters is significant, which adds even more status and authority to the picture.

However, the key focus of Mammut’s potential customers is directly related to the logo. It’s a red circle with a thick black outline. Inside it is a mammoth, which is turned to the right and looks straight ahead. It is completely black except for the ear, tusks, and eyes. It is interesting to note that the white tusk extends slightly beyond the circle, demonstrating how powerful the company has chosen as a symbol. It is worth noting that the emblem is often used independently of the traditional wordmark logo. For example, if we are talking about an icon on the official website or a sticker for branded products of a trademark.

Font and Colors

Mammut Emblem

The classic bold sans-serif font was chosen as the style for the word caption. It looks quite traditional without any unique elements. However, capital and powerful letters with spacing between each character allow the company logo to stand out from the competition.

The logo palette consists of red, black, and white colors. It is red that dominates because the frame for the emblem is made in this color. In general, the chosen option characterizes the company as progressive and energetic. Thanks to the successful contrast of colors, the brand emphasizes comfort and safety for its customers.

Mammut color codes

Neon RedHex color:#ff0014
RGB:255 0 20
CMYK:0 100 92 0
Pantone:PMS 172 C