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Manowar: Brand overview

Emerging in 1980, Manowar quickly carved out a niche for themselves in the heavy metal universe. Drawing inspiration from classical music, bassist Joey DeMaio and guitarist Ross Boss created a metal juggernaut of a sound. Their relentless dedication to the metal spirit quickly gathered an ardent fan base around them, cementing their reputation as a legendary heavy metal band that remains to this day.

During their formative years, Manowar, a budding heavy metal band, was determined to spread their epic, powerful music to the masses. They humbled themselves from humble beginnings by performing at indoor venues, including small clubs and bars. Despite their initial obscurity, their drive to create music that would energize and inspire their fans remained unwavering.

In 1982, Manowar presented their debut album, “Battle Hymns,” to the music world. This groundbreaking album included the iconic songs “Death Tone” and “Shell Shock.” The peculiar sound and style of the album were recognized by critics, which helped to consolidate Manowar’s position in the heavy metal pantheon.

Over the years, Manowar’s popularity and success increased dramatically. Their albums climbed up the charts, and their live shows became known for their grand, theatrical spectacle.

In 1987, Manowar released the album “Kings of Metal,” which became a classic that still holds true today. This album included such powerful anthems as “Blood of the Kings” and “Heart of Steel,” which became the cornerstones of Manowar’s live performances. To this day, “Kings of Metal” is considered one of Manowar’s most celebrated albums.

Manowar has solidified its status as one of the most respected and influential heavy metal bands in history. Their unwavering dedication to their fans and the true spirit of heavy metal have resulted in a loyal fan base around the world that continues to grow year after year.

For over forty years, Manowar has valiantly championed the metal genre by touring the world and releasing new music. As true metal warriors, they have created an unrivaled legacy that continues to this day.

Meaning and History

Manowar Logo History

What is Manowar?

The band Manowar, hailing from Auburn, New York, is a well-known band in the global heavy metal music scene. Since their inception, the musicians have been known for their loud, powerful, and uncompromising style that has earned them loyal fans and worldwide recognition. Their dedication to the genre and commitment to preserving its integrity has made the band one of the most respected names in heavy metal history.

The band has released numerous hit albums throughout their career, establishing their position as industry leaders. The band’s bold attitude and uncompromising musical approach have turned them into a cultural phenomenon, pushing the boundaries of metal music and setting new standards for the genre.

1982 – today

Manowar Logo

The outline of the triangular serifs in the Manowar logo is clearly reminiscent of the devil’s horns, especially at the top of the “O” in the center, which looks like a dainty crystal. The sides of the letters “M” and “R” are elongated and point straight down. This is a traditional design technique for rock emblems, turning an ordinary inscription into a work of art. Other glyphs are also unconventional: the letter “W,” which looks like an inverted “M,” two inflated “A,” and an asymmetrical “N.” The black color gives the band’s name a mysterious and harshness.

It gives the impression that the logo is a character from a cool graphic novel. The elongated parts of the letters “M” and “R” look like swords or spikes on medieval weapons. The special “O” in the middle resembles a gem that can be found in a treasure chest after defeating a big boss in a video game. The whole thing just screams “epic!”.

Manowar color codes

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