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Mary Cohr Logo
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Mary Cohr is a French brand that produces a huge range of cosmetics for the face and body and various types of care products. At first, he focused on his chain of salons and spas until he entered the international market. Its founder is the group of the same name, Guinot-Mary Cohr, to which it belongs.

Meaning and History

Mary Cohr Symbol

The trademark has several variants of the logo used for different purposes, but only one is considered official. This is a terse sign with its uniqueness: a pleasant green color emphasizes it. It was chosen by Mary Cohr herself – the founder of the parent company.

Naturalness is what you can tell when looking at this logo. The pastel shade of green conveys this concept. The emblem consists of two elements: the words “Mary Cohr” (brand name) and “Paris” (the city where it is located). The upper element is large, executed in capital letters. On the contrary, the lower text is small, centered under the space between the two inscriptions. The “R” letters have very wide legs. The “A” and “M” have a slight constriction on the left, which expands smoothly.

Font and Colors of the Emblem

Mary Cohr Emblem

The logo is written in a classic serif typeface. They are very tiny and are not separate strokes but a natural continuation of the letters. The color of the logo is combinatorial and consists of soft green and white.