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The Mazzraty logo is green and friendly. The emblem exudes neatness, a caring attitude towards the land, and rational use of resources. The sign conveys a message of harmony with the surrounding world.

Mazzraty: Brand overview

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Doha, Al Rayyan, Mazzraty operates as a private enterprise with a workforce of 201–500 employees. This scale and structure enable the company to maintain a significant influence on Qatar’s food production industry, prioritizing both quality and ecological stewardship.

Mazzraty, a distinguished farm operation comprising seven factories based in Qatar, is a pioneer in offering 100% natural, fresh products that are free from chemicals and antibiotics. This commitment positions Mazzraty at the forefront of promoting healthy living for every family across the nation.

Priding itself on being the first in Qatar to implement a complete production cycle, Mazzraty ensures the highest standards of quality control. This holistic approach to production underlines the group’s dedication to excellence and reliability in the food and beverage manufacturing sector.

With an unwavering commitment to environmental responsibility, Mazzraty has invested in sustainable production processes from start to finish. The company’s initiative to achieve a 0% rate of unused byproducts, including the establishment of a water treatment facility and the production of organic fertilizer, sets a remarkable standard for sustainability in the industry.

Meaning and History

Mazzraty Logo History

The exact time of the creation of the modern company logo is unknown. At the time of its founding in 2013, Mazzraty produced feed for livestock and only began transitioning to food products in 2016. The overall image of the sign is suitable for both areas and reflects the idea of environmentalism and protection of the environment, which is the foundation of the enterprise.

What is Mazzraty? 

An Arab enterprise of green, environmentally friendly agriculture in Qatar. Produces poultry meat, dairy products, juices, and yogurts—a modern plant processes up to 6,000 carcasses per hour. Maximum automation. Uses secondary raw materials and organic fertilizers. The company claims 0 emissions into the environment, which complies with Halal requirements.

2013 – today

Mazzraty Logo

The emblem is a round sign with a white and black border. The symbol resembles a sticker placed on products as an indicator of quality.

Green hills and meadows immediately evoke a sense of cleanliness and environmental friendliness. In the foreground is a light green hillock with green grass. The image embodies the preparation of animal feed and pastures where livestock and poultry graze. Free-range grazing improves the nutritional value of dairy and meat products.

In the distance are two plowed fields. The straight lines emphasize the use of modern machinery and a rational approach to agriculture. The image speaks of planting special grasses for making dry animal feeds. One of the hillocks, likely, indicates the cultivation of berries for juices and yogurts.

At the center of the image, in the background, is a red barn for animals: a stable or chicken coop. The drawing reflects a caring attitude towards the animals. Around the picture, cleanliness and harmony prevail, highlighting the dignified treatment and meticulous adherence to Islamic requirements.

Above the fields of the logo rises the Sun. It illuminates all of Mazzraty’s endeavors and shows that they are kind.

The name of the enterprise is placed in the foreground.

The main inscription in the logo is in Arabic since the products are primarily aimed at the population of Qatar and Muslim consumers who have special requirements for Halal compliance.

Below is the English name, representing the company to Western consumers who may want to partake in environmentally friendly products. For now, the manufacturer is focused on satisfying demand at the national level. However, in the future, it apparently plans to export.

Font and Colors

Mazzraty Emblem

The logo features a wide palette of colors:

  • White – symbolizes purity and safety.
  • Green – shade of life, eco-friendliness, and benefits.
  • Red – the color of energy provided by proper nutrition.
  • Yellow – blessing for people and income for the company.
  • Blue – dreams, the desire to achieve more. The enterprise strives to meet the highest standards and be a production of the future.

The font of the English inscription resembles RF Takt Ultrabold with straight, clear white letters. The wide glyphs speak of the company’s stability and steady operation.

Mazzraty Symbol