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The emblem of a large Argentine marketplace represents a successful deal. In this regard, the Mercado Livre logo is perfect for a marketplace that acts as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. It is a symbol of unity, cooperation, mutual respect, and goodwill.

Mercado Livre: Brand overview

Founded:August 2, 1999
Founder:Marcos Galperin
Montevideo, Uruguay

Mercado Livre (in Spanish Mercado Libre) is a well-known shopping portal of Argentinean origin. The brand is registered in the United States and centrally managed from an office in Argentina (Buenos Aires). This is the largest platform that covers a large number of countries. Its users are residents of Chile, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Spain, Colombia, Panama, the Dominican Republic, etc.

All of them can access online auctions and online marketplaces that are geared toward e-commerce transactions. The site is easy to distinguish from other similar platforms. It is recognized for its strong symbolic logo that demonstrates unity while emphasizing social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Meaning and History

Mercado Livre History

Mercado Livre is a company that appeared not so long ago but has already managed to expand its geography and achieve good results significantly. Initially, its activities’ scope extended only to Latin America’s countries. Later, online marketplaces dedicated to e-commerce also appeared in Spain and Portugal. In addition, the site gradually increased the number of offers and product categories, which made it one of the most popular in these countries.

The platform has also repeatedly changed its corporate identity, gradually improving the main part of the visual identity. Currently, the company uses an expressive, stylish badge designed in bright colors. It is divided into two parts: a graphic symbol and a word icon. The first is associated with trade deals in a pandemic, and the second is a classic brand name accent. They are in harmony with each other through the use of a single design and well-chosen colors.

What is Mercado Livre?

Mercado Livre (or Mercado Libre in Spanish) is the name of one of the largest international exchanges specializing in online trading. Various types of e-commerce are available on the platform, as well as many online auctions. They can be accessed by users from Spain, Portugal, and all Latin American countries. The platform provides the most advantageous offers, a wide range of products, low prices, and different delivery options for each of them.

1999 – 2000

MercadoLibre Logo 1999

The first emblem of a well-known marketplace was created as a test sample, so it was used for only a few months. It was a stylish wordmark, which consisted of the inscription Mercado Libre. The first part of the title looked rather restrained. The letters were distinguished by smooth lines and did not have serifs. The image was complemented by elegant italics, which made the inscription dynamic.

A rich blue color was used for the design, associated with trust and reliability. The second part, denoting the word “freedom,” had a lighter format. It was done with handwritten designer fonts, which included sans-serif letters of various sizes. A muted orange color was used as a coloring, demonstrating vigor and strength.

2000 – 2013

MercadoLibre Logo 2000

In 2000, the company switched to a new visual concept, which became the prototype of the modern logo. It consisted of several elements that were placed on three levels. The top level was a bright picture of a handshake. The image was associated with trade transactions carried out on an online platform.

The picture reflected compromise, unity, and the achievement of a certain agreement. On the second level was the word Mercado, and on the third – was Libre. The first badge was in a bold, soft sans-serif typeface, symbolizing confidence. For the design of the main part of the letters, the designers chose a basic white color and light blue for the thin contours.

The lower inscription was created in the same style. But, a bright yellow tint was used instead of a white background. The selected color was also used for the design of the top picture. The color scheme denoted honesty, trust, reliability, and vitality. This was the company’s main message, which based its activities on these principles.

2013 – 2020

MercadoLibre Logo 2013

In 2013, there was a need for rebranding as the company reached a completely new level. The range of services and solutions has expanded on the platform, and a new direction has appeared in the financial sector – investment. We also decided to fix the updates at the level of visual identity. The logo has been updated and improved. The changes affected the color palette, font, and design style as a new color used more saturated and deeper shades of yellow and blue.

Unlike the predecessor palette, they were darker. Such changes made the logo more modern, and in the context of the semantic load, they meant an increase in trust, reliability, and professionalism. This was confirmed by an updated neat handshake icon and a more stylish roman font with beveled edges. Due to improvements, the two-level inscription has also become more recognizable and readable.

2020 – today

MercadoLibre Logo

In 2020, the company logo was again finalized. The need for changes was due to the pandemic, which has made many adjustments to the usual way of life. In the new conditions, the principle of social distancing appeared, significantly reducing the disease risk. He was used as the basis for updating the current version of the Mercado Livre logo.

Now, instead of a handshake, the icon can be seen touching with two elbows, which symbolizes a greeting in a pandemic. With this decision, the company emphasized the importance of new precautionary measures and expressed its willingness to continue providing users with access to secure online commerce.

Font and Colors

Mercado Livre Emblem

The stylish Mercado Livre brand badge exemplifies a balanced layout and a well-chosen color scheme. It combines two elements that perfectly complement each other. The soft flowing lines of the font are the perfect continuation of the neat contours of the decorative picture. A laconic Helvetica format was chosen for the presented logo with some changes.

The presented version differs due to the original beveled cuts, which makes the font and the logo as a whole very stylish. The design decision and the absence of traditional serifs allow us to attribute the format to the group of modern fonts. They are a symbol of innovation, development, and dynamism. The color scheme supports this visual concept line.

Mercado Livre Symbol

The yellow used in the top picture reflects harmony, positivity, and vitality. Neutral white symbolizes purity, openness, and honesty, which is also part of the brand’s message. A beautiful deep blue color completes the list. This shade denotes trust, calmness, security, and reliability. The company adheres to these principles from the moment of creation.

Mercado Livre color codes

Midnight BlueHex color:#171576
RGB:23 21 118
CMYK:81 82 0 54
Pantone:PMS 2745 C
Safety YellowHex color:#eed130
RGB:238 209 48
CMYK:0 12 80 7
Pantone:PMS 115 C