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Mihin Lanka: Brand overview

Mihin Lanka, a budget airline based in Sri Lanka, did not last long, from 2006 to 2007. Mihin Lanka was founded in October 2006 as an exclusive subsidiary of the national carrier SriLankan Airlines. This marked the entry of SriLankan Airlines into the low-cost airline market in South Asia.

Starting operations in April 2007, Mihin Lanka had a small fleet of 2 Airbus A320 aircraft. The airline aimed to cater to budget travelers by offering cost-effective flights from Colombo to key destinations in India as well as the Maldives and Dubai.

However, creating a financially sustainable model has proved challenging for Mihin Lanka. Rising fuel prices, insufficient demand, and fierce market competition led to significant financial losses for the airline.

Unfortunately, as early as October 2007, just six months after its debut, Mihin Lanka was forced to cease operations due to mounting debts and insufficient funding. Despite carrying over 200,000 passengers in its short period of operation, the airline was never able to reach profitability.

Meaning and History

Mihin Lanka Logo History

2006 – 2016

Mihin Lanka Logo

The vertical portion of the tails of the Mihin Lanka aircraft featured a lotus. The flower was outlined in white, and its interior and surrounding background in blue. The designers included this flower in the emblem as the lotus is a well-known symbol of harmony, perfection, and purity. The inscription “MIHIN LANKA” was done in blue and consisted only of capital letters. Located at the bottom, the slogan “Your Flight” was aligned on the right edge. The glyphs in it were black and mostly lowercase, except for the letter “Y.” The font was uniform, with unique extensions at the ends.

The choice of blue for the lotus and the company name signifies calmness and reliability, qualities sought after in air travel. The unique extensions in the slogan font give the design a personalized feel intended to convey a friendly and accommodating atmosphere for passengers. Placing the slogan on the right side is an aesthetic choice designed to balance the visual elements on the tail, contributing to the overall harmony of the design.