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Although the Miles Morales logo is visually balanced, the hero it represents is full of passion as he tries to find a balance between being an ordinary teenager and a vigilante of society. The external calmness cannot completely hide this because the heroic essence is still manifested in the palette, font, and style of the emblem.

Miles Morales: Brand overview

Miles Morales is part of a huge media franchise that was first launched in 2011. From Marvel comics, it moved to the cinema screens and into the gaming environment, becoming a super popular game, the latest version of which was released in 2020. It tells the story of a mutant teenager who can transform into Superman – Spider-Man. The creators of the image are Brian Michael Bendis (writer), Sara Pichelli (artist), and Axel Alonso (magazine editor). The game’s genre is a third-person adventure action, a continuation of Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018. Its developer is Insomniac Games, and the publishing company is Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Meaning and History

Miles Morales Logo History

This legendary character, like the comic in its many incarnations (films, toys, cartoons, novels, games), has several iconic logos. All of them have approximately the same styling with references to the basic image or its name. In this case, the creators of the computer action game preserved the connection to the comic, using the name of the developer company Marvel and the phrase “Spider-Man” in the visual identity. The design also has similarities because it is strict, serious, and business-like. The game decoration is found only in the individual icon of Miles Morales, which the main character wears on his chest. It also appears in promotional materials as a cult symbol: by it, you can immediately recognize the cult character.

What is Miles Morales?

Miles Morales is a third-person adventure action computer game that appeared in 2020. It is part of a popular media franchise featuring the eponymous character – a superhuman named Miles Morales. Essentially, it’s a spin-off and continuation of Marvel’s Spider-Man from 2018. The hero’s image itself appeared even earlier – in 2011. It was conceived at the American publishing house Marvel Comics by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Sara Pichelli. The developer of this version of the game was Insomniac Games, and it was released by Sony Interactive Entertainment. As of 2023, it was only available for two platforms: Windows and the latest generations of PlayStation.


Miles Morales Logo 2020

The computer game logo consists exclusively of text. It occupies three levels because each part represents only one of its features. For example, the word “Marvel” is the name of the publishing house where this character first appeared in comics. It is the owner of it, as well as all the mythology associated with it. The top line is designed in the official style of the magazine: a white inscription in a red rectangle, set in tall, sans-serif letters.

In the middle row, there’s an indication of the superhero’s nature and, consequently, his exclusive abilities – “Spider-Man.” This inscription is made in bold grotesque with uppercase glyphs. Some letters have their strokes cut off, creating sharp spikes. Due to this feature, “S” looks like a hook, “I” is perceived as a sharpened stake, and “R” resembles the figure of a person standing on tiptoe. Diagonal cuts are also present in “E” and “A,” where they replace the middle stroke and crossbar.

The third line consists of the name of the main character of the game – “Miles Morales.” It is applied with uneven letters of varying heights. The font is thin, lowercase, and choppy. Despite the presence of identical glyphs, there is not a single identical letter: each has a specific length of legs, creating the impression of graffiti on a wall. In the first case, the elongated tip of the stroke of “L” transitions into the central element of “E” and, in the second – into the lower one.


Miles Morales Symbol

The individual symbol of Spider-Man is, of course, a spider. It has four hook-like legs with sharp ends and dripping blood. The entire symbol is painted in a blood-red color, which is done not so much to intimidate but to clarify: such an arthropod is dangerous, as it is a predator, not a harmless insect. This impression is necessary for the concept of a superhero who, on the one hand, must be defenseless and vulnerable and, on the other – aggressive and impregnable. No wonder the fragile body of the spider is covered with an exoskeleton. Its chelicerae are also sharp and venomous. Its background is a thin red ring.

Font and Colors

Miles Morales Emblem

The first line is set in a typeface reminiscent of Benton Sans Extra Comp Black, designed by Cyrus Highsmith and Tobias Frere Jones. The phrase in the second row is done in a font that looks like Bebas Kai with a slight modification, as the ends of some letters in the logo have diagonal cuts. The third inscription consists of unique glyphs of varying heights. They seem to be hastily applied with a wide-tipped marker. The palette of the Miles Morales emblem includes three colors: black is used for the middle inscription, white for the top, and red for the bottom.