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The Milwaukee logo is energized because it represents a manufacturer of power tools. Such a brutal, bold, and aggressive style would be suitable for a guitar brand, but the designers decided otherwise. They played interestingly with the company’s products and created a creative symbol filled with hidden fury.

Milwaukee: Brand overview

Founder:Albert F Siebert
Brookfield, Wisconsin, U.S.

Milwaukee is one of the best American tool manufacturers. The range includes various products with an electric drive and handicrafts (including cutters, pliers, knives, etc.). The company’s headquarters is located in Wisconsin (United States of America), and there are more than 1000 employees on the staff. The brand is known for its unique high-tech developments, which are not inferior in quality to the products of the famous giants Stanley Black & Decker and Bosch.

Today’s Milwaukee is the result of the efforts of several generations of leaders. It has come an incredible way from a company formed based on a bankrupt business to a major tool manufacturer with a worldwide reputation. The main feature of the brand is that it has produced exceptionally high-quality products from the very moment of creation. This has been one of the key strategic principles that Milwaukee has consistently followed throughout its existence.

Meaning and History

Milwaukee Symbol

The brand’s corporate identity is based on an energetic and powerful logo, distinguished by the presence of many sharp elements. An additional bright accent is made in the form of a lightning bolt, which underlines the main inscription. It is the main symbol of the manufacturer and symbolizes the electrical parts used to manufacture the main part of the product. The name design is a great continuation of the chosen style. It reflects dynamism, strength, and energy.

The stability of the chosen strategy is reflected through the visual concept. The company has not changed its logo since its inception. Despite this, it does not look outdated. The picture fully conveys the essence of the message and also makes the brand’s products recognizable. This effect is achieved due to the expressive design of the inscription and the addition of a bright lightning icon. The graphic element, in this case, symbolizes energy and progressiveness. A beautiful bright color complements the conceptual line.

What is Milwaukee?

Milwaukee is one of the largest tool companies in the world. It is currently a subsidiary of Techtronic Industries. It operates in the city of Brookfield (Wisconsin, USA) and supplies products to domestic and foreign markets. The company offers customers high-quality power tools (mains and batteries) and varieties of hand tools (screwdrivers, hand saws, pliers, knives, cutters, etc.).

The basis of the visual identity was formed at the time of the creation of Milwaukee, in 1924. The company was formed thanks to Albert F. Siebert. The entrepreneur used his personal business, as well as the remains of the assets that were left after the fire in the company of his business partner. The new firm received an incredibly energetic logo that was a perfect reflection of its scope and values. Its main feature is a special font, which is decorated with sharp geometric lines.

Sloping down, it demonstrates progress, innovative technologies, and active development. It emphasizes the overall concept of a stylized lightning icon, which is located under the main element. It has several meanings at once, conveying the key features of a well-known manufacturer. In the context of the Milwaukee concept, lightning means movement, strength, and power. These characteristics can be applied both to the company’s products and to it as a whole.

Another important characteristic is the lack of frames. The elements of the logo are set against a plain, neutral background, without outlines or shapes. This feature means limitless possibilities and continuous improvement. Milwaukee never rests on its laurels and is always looking for ways to improve the quality of its products.

In addition to the chosen design, the designers have chosen an appropriate contrasting color scheme that fully reveals the brand’s main message. It comes in two contrasting colors. Together they symbolize the versatility of the manufacturer – progressiveness, courage and professionalism, and strength. In addition, a harmonious scale is associated with a readiness for growth and movement.

Font and Colors

Milwaukee Emblem

The filling of the Milwaukee corporate logo is incredibly recognizable. This is facilitated by a powerful, sharp geometric inscription, an expressive graphic element, and a rich color scheme. To design the inscription in the form of a company name, the designers have chosen a special stylized font created based on Millie Bold. Among its features, one can single out clear, sharp corners, rather bold lines, and narrowed bends.

The chosen option goes well with the graphic element and, together with it, demonstrates power, professionalism, and vitality. It is these characteristics that perfectly describe the activities of one of the largest American companies. The brand has long declared itself as a reliable manufacturer whose products are distinguished by incredibly high-quality indicators.

This is also reflected in the memorable color palette used to design the lettering. The text and stylized lightning bolt are in a rich red color that showcases energy, passion, and strength. To emphasize this bright hue, the designers also used neutral white for the background. It is used as a balancing piece, connecting all the elements together.

In addition, the white color carries an additional message from a well-known tool manufacturer. It is about honesty and integrity. The company guarantees this attitude not only to its customers but also to business partners. In general, the combination of fiery red and white colors looks very expressive, making the corporate identity of the company especially noticeable among the emblems of competitors.

Milwaukee color codes

Fire Engine RedHex color:#c92a28
RGB:201 42 40
CMYK:0 79 80 21
Pantone:PMS 485 C