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The Mirinda logo symbolizes the natural composition of the drinks produced by this Spanish company. The connection with nature can be traced at all levels – from refreshing color to metaphorical images. The emblem is associated with juicy fruits, exotic tropics, and fun holidays. Pleasure abounds!

Mirinda: Brand overview


Mirinda is a Spanish sweet carbonated drink, Fanta’s main competitor. Owner of PepsiCo. The Mirinda logo combines 11 varieties of lemonade (strawberry, orange, lemon, banana, apple, etc.).

Soda appeared in 1958 in Spain, where oranges grow in abundance. Brand owner Amarildo Mulaj. After 12 years, PepsiCo became interested in a promising drink. The company has bought the right to distribute the product and sells it in Europe, the CIS, Asia, and the USA.

Meaning and History

Mirinda Logo History

Mirinda is a very active, upbeat brand. Over 50 years of its existence, many visual signs have changed. However, successful associations, for example, a circle, having arisen once, were transferred from logo to logo.

What is Mirinda?

Carbonated drink with the addition of natural juices, owned by PepsiCo.

1959 – 1970

Mirinda Logo 1959

The sign under which soda is known in Spain is a large light green letter M with the name of the brand inscribed in it.

The artificial international language Esperanto, which the creator of the drink was fond of, was used for the name. Mirinda translates as “wonderful!”. The word was to convey to everyone who sees the lemonade that it has a delicious, delightful taste.

The abundance of green color spoke of naturalness and freshness. However, in general, the icon did not give an idea about the bottle’s contents.

1970 – 1986

Mirinda Logo 1970

In 1970, PepsiCo bought the rights to Mirinda. The company sees the development of the brand in its way and changes the visual sign to start distributing lemonade in other countries.

The new logo is clearer: the image of an orange over which the name is placed. Even to an inexperienced person, it is clear what the drink is made of.

Overlaying the inscription on the picture made the logo more compact. When drawing the central vertical line, the two halves were symmetrical, which created a sense of harmony and completeness.

The location of the name on top of the fruit emphasized the brand.

The entire logo had a double border: white and green. This united the parts of the composition into one whole. White color spoke of naturalness and freshness. The final green stroke indicated the use of botanicals and health benefits.

1986 – 1992

Mirinda Logo 1986

The drink is presented on the world market. To show openness and willingness to appear in new countries, the logo has been changed slightly, and removed dense double edging. This “bare” the orange and the inscription, making them accessible, friendly, and their own.

The fruit is depicted more schematically. The yellow circle resembles the sun and shows a juicy, summery, sweet taste. It represents the brand’s popularity, which rises in new markets like the sun in the sky.

Three green leaves are complemented by the idea of ​​the worldwide procession of Mirinda, the tips of which look in different directions.

A circle with leaves is like a bomb that gives an explosion of taste. The white background of the inscription conveys cleanliness and safety.

1992 – 1995

Mirinda Logo 1992

The theme of the orange continues in the emblem of this time. Both an orange background and an orange fruit are used for the presentation. The overflow of colors and the addition of different warm shades of yellow and orange demonstrates the richness of taste and richness of the drink.

A series of lines appear in the background, running obliquely across the background. They resemble a musical row flying up. Mirinda likes music that invigorates and improves their mood.

The brand name is located in unison with the lines and tends to fly up. It demonstrates the active development of the brand and the achievement of new heights. An inscription in the words “orange” was added to the title. In some countries, the drink is presented only as an orange.

At the top, the leaves are depicted as three halves of a lime. The taste of Mirinda has notes of this fruit that complement and set off the sweet orange.

1995 – 2001

Mirinda Logo 1995

All borders of the logo disappear again. The new visual sign seems to come out to the user from the picture. Splashes of juice fly from a round slice of orange to the sides, filling the space with a fresh and sweet aroma. The picture indicated the use of natural juice in the preparation of Mirinda.

The inscription is also placed obliquely, and above the letter “I” instead of a dot, two green leaves with drops of cold water flaunt. They exude coolness and freshness.

2001 – 2004

Mirinda Logo 2001

The orange background of the logo is back. And on it is a fruit close to the natural image. The diffuse yellow color around the orange creates a frosty feeling on the glass bottle when taken out of the refrigerator. It conveys the idea of being cool on a hot day. It makes you want to buy a drink right away.

Warm orange colors attract attention and create a feeling of sweetness and richness.


Mirinda Logo 2004

The orange image was removed from the logo, focusing on the idea of adding natural juices to drinks. In the visual sign, drops of juice scatter from the name in different directions. However, the logo did not catch on, as it evoked associations more with a dirty blot than with a carbonated drink.

2004 – 2012

Mirinda Logo 2004-2012

The emblem of 2004 was another attempt to move away from the orange theme. In this sign, the circle represents the globe, in which the sun rises against the background of green leaves. The image showed the ubiquity of Mirinda.

Green three-dimensional letters with white borders evoked associations with ice cubes.

2012 – 2017

Mirinda Logo 2012

The logo returned to the theme of citrus fruits but without a direct hint of orange. The idea of its layout is original and different from everyone else. Behind the name, a semicircle of fruit with slices visible on it peeps out from below. It is grapefruit, tangerine, orange, or lemon. The lobules do not have a clear border, and there is a white space between them. And from above, above the name, squeezed juice splashes.

Neatly rounded drops and rounded corners of the letters hint at the fruit’s shape, embodying Mirinda’s pleasant taste.

2017 – today

Mirinda Logo 2017

The last logo is verbal. It is made in pure green color with letters of different sizes. They bounce like gas bubbles in a bottle of Mirinda. The inscription is placed obliquely from bottom to top, which supports the theme of soda, the rise of gas from the bottom of the can.

The logo still conveys the idea of a good mood and striving for leadership. But moves away from the orange theme. The brand is presented in 12 flavors, and orange is just one of them.

2023 – today

Mirinda Logo

Mirinda is revolutionizing the world with their innovative rebranding and global slogan, saluting and welcoming the upcoming wave of creative trailblazers. These audacious individuals dare to present their distinct thoughts and manifest their authentic selves, offline and online.

Simultaneously with the initiation of the #NoFlavourLikeYourFlavour campaign, Mirinda has presented a vibrant new look termed “Making an M-pact”. The revamped Mirinda emblem, a result of the creative process by PepsiCo Design and Innovation, now shines with a more vivid green, more pronounced corners, and sleeker lines for added prominence. The recognizable ‘M’ of Mirinda acts as a stage for creativity, featuring playful color schemes, spinning orbs, effervescing bubbles, and vivid fruit drawings that breathe life into the brand and encapsulate a feeling of refreshment and vitality.

The logo, now presented in a brighter green, with sharper corners and cleaner lines, showcases the letter ‘M’ prominently. It’s part of the brand’s new slogan, ‘Making an M-pact,’ intended to ignite creativity. Interestingly, the dot on the ‘i’ has been shifted to the first letter instead of the second, a subtle alteration intended to draw attention to the ‘M’ within the logo. It’s a clever design twist, though it’s unclear how effective this would be in fulfilling Mirinda’s hope to inspire creativity and ‘make an M-pact.’

Font and Colors

Mirinda Emblem

The main shades of the logos are orange and green. These are the colors of life, taste, warm sun, bright tropical fruits, freshness, and fun.

Mirinda Symbol

The font of the modern logo resembles a processed Comixed RP Bold Regular. Sharp angular letters in it, like pricks of gas bubbles.

Mirinda color codes

Cadmium GreenHex color:#066e42
RGB:6 110 66
CMYK:95 0 40 57
Pantone:PMS 7726 C