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You can recognize a quality Moleskine product by its characteristic features and strict company logo. It is a minimalistic picture, the main element of which is the brand name. Such an icon is a prime example of a design often chosen by giant companies that demonstrate their solidity through a laconic compact logo. In the presented version, the main principles of such design are visible – a minimum of details and strict monochrome colors.

Moleskine: Brand overview

Founder:Maria Sebregondi
Milan, Italy

Moleskine is a large Italian stationery company. The manufacturer’s assortment includes only luxury goods, for the production of which only high-quality materials are used. The main part of the production is notebooks. But in addition to them, the brand also produces phone cases, leather bags, books, and backpacks. In 2016, there was also a useful application with notes designed in the style of notebooks. At the moment, the goods are sold not only in local stores but also abroad.

Meaning and History

Moleskine Logo History

The basis for the Moleskine enterprise was laid by the Milanese publishing house Modo&Modo. For some time, the first samples of goods were made here. But, soon, the production of popular notebooks was separated from Modo & Modo, as a result of which a completely new enterprise was created with the name Moleskine. The new business began to develop rapidly and gradually entered the international level. Notebooks appeared in stores in Europe and Asia.

Throughout history, a well-known manufacturer has changed the emblem only once. But rebranding, in this case, did not make drastic changes. The logo has not changed much, which testifies to the unchanging values ​​of the company and its desire for stability. In addition, the original badge fully reflected the essence of the brand. The only change, in this case, was the use of a miniature decorative sign associated with planning and taking notes on a smartphone.

What is Moleskine?

Moleskine is one of the world’s best manufacturers of luxury notepads and stationery. Founded in Italy, it continues working on the products loved by millions of buyers and constantly replenishes the range with accessories, books, writing utensils, and leather bags. The main difference in this production is the high-quality materials which are characterized by durability and durability. A special contribution to the development of the company was made by the Modo & Modo publishing house, where the first product samples appeared.

1997 – 2013

Moleskine Logo 1997

The company’s foundation is associated with the appearance of the first batch of black pocket notebooks designed by Maria Sebregondi and her business partners. It was in 1997, and from that moment, the history of another famous brand began. At the time of the creation of the first products, the company had already formed its own unique logo, consistent with all the principles of traditional design. It did not have bright elements, expressive frames, or spectacular shadows.

The picture was very restrained and concise and, at the same time, showed a high level of professionalism. This concept was a perfect reflection of the characteristics of the goods. Moleskine notebooks and other products have been crafted exclusively from high-quality materials while looking very simple.

To emphasize these features, the designers created a minimalistic badge based on just one inscription. A fancy chic font was used for its design, with sharp, elongated serifs. He gave the logo elegance and favorably emphasized the brand’s elitism. The special status was also emphasized by the classic black and white colors. She demonstrated timelessness, purity, reliability, and prestige.

2013 – today

Moleskine Logo

In 2013, Moleskine decided to make changes to the logo. The new version retains almost all the features of its predecessor, but it also has additional detail. It was a square icon consisting of several cells and a miniature letter M placed in the top row. This picture significantly expanded the main message of the famous brand.

It denoted functionality, competent planning, as well as organization. All this was achieved by the notebooks presented by the company, in which it was possible to write down all the necessary things and plan the day. The specified line of the visual concept is also reflected in the main inscription – Moleskine. It symbolizes creativity, confident positions, as well as high professionalism.

Characteristics are seen in a clearly defined roman type with decorative modifications. Unlike the previous logo, the elongated sharp serifs have changed slightly here. Now, in some letters, they were directed only in one direction, while in the original version, decorative serifs were directed in both directions. This decision made the logo more solid and stylish, while the traditional colors emphasized reliability and excellent quality.

Font and Colors

Moleskine Emblem

Moleskin is one of the elite companies whose products are appreciated by customers worldwide. It was this feature that became the basis for the development of the visual concept. The designers decided to emphasize the solid status, uniqueness, and professionalism of the company, so they decided to choose a beautiful minimalistic style. It manifests itself in a strictly modified font and a restrained color palette.

The font format is similar to Copperplate Gothic. It features confident thin lines with serifs. In the presented picture, the tails of the letters are slightly changed. They are quite sharp and elongated in one particular direction. The feature emphasizes creativity and strict adherence to established standards.

Moleskine Symbol

The description is typical for the company throughout its entire period of existence. These features are also shown through the classic black and white color scheme. In the context of visual identity, black means prestige, authority, and reliability. White, in this case, symbolizes purity, honesty, and timelessness.

Moleskine color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C