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The Monat logo promises the perfect hair structure. The use of soft and nourishing cosmetics produced by the company gives silky and manageable strands. The soft lines of the emblem show harmony and beauty.

Monat: Brand overview

Founded:October 2014
Founder:Alcora Corporation
Doral, Florida, United States

Monat is the shortened name of the American company Monat Global Corp. It is a part of Alcora Corporation, being its subsidiary. The company’s main activity is associated with the production and sale of cosmetic products for hair care. An additional direction is the sale of hygiene products for animals. The founders and owners of the brand are the Urdaneta family. According to the scheme of which the work is carried out, this is the parent organization of the network business—the time of its appearance in the autumn of 2014. The location of the headquarters is in the city of Doral, Florida.

The brand began with the idea of mastering environmentally friendly raw materials. As a result, the company got products that allow you to enjoy a full life and healthy hair. It also produces skincare products based on biologically compatible ingredients.

In doing so, the firm builds its business on the trust of its customers, who can become its employees at any time. To do so, it offers to use its products, try them out and start selling them to acquaintances, colleagues, and other potential customers. And since the networking organization has family values in the first place, it treats each person who joins it with respect.

Meaning and History

Monat Logo History

That family is a priority evidenced by the brand name, which is based on five principles: faMily, lOve, commuNity, grAtitude, culTure. It is these letters that make up the name, taken as the basis of the brand emblem. The owners thought out the concept in detail to emphasize the importance of the family both in business and in life. Therefore, the company treats its market partners and customers as close relatives.

However, the company is involved in several high-profile scandals with lawsuits. Of course, it had a negative impact on the brand’s image, which is now trying to prove otherwise and restore its reputation. But black PR is also PR, so the brand logo is becoming more and more recognizable. And since this is a young organization, it has only one visual identity mark.

The company’s identity is well thought out, as is its concept. It is built on the principles of openness, trust, and purpose. This is evidenced by the shape of the letters used in the word “Monat.” All of the characters are in upper case and made with simple, straight lines. Only the “O” is rounded.

Monat Symbol

The other characters have sharp corners at the ends of the strokes. The exception is the “T,” which looks like a neat hammer. Whereas “M,” “N,” and “A” have peaked tips. Each has a different number of sharp corners: “A” has one, “N” – two, “M” – three. For better perception of the name, the letters stand apart (with wide inter-letter spacing) but in one row, forming a well-readable inscription “MONAT.” In addition, the “A” has no middle bar, which adds to the originality of the logo.

Above the text part is a small icon. It, too, is simple and formed from a solid strip of medium thickness. The line is twisted in the form of a strand of hair, which is usually drawn on packages of coloring products to demonstrate the color of the dye. In this case, the icon is monochrome and hollow, consisting of an outline. The graphics and text form the original logo. It is used not only as a mark of identity but also as a mark of goods and on signs and in promotional materials.

Monat: Interesting Facts

Monat Global Corp, known as Monat, has made a big mark on the beauty and personal care industry.

  1. Starting Up: The Urdaneta family launched Monat in 2014, focusing on “Modern Nature.” The company quickly became a top name in direct sales, offering hair, skin, and overall wellness products. They combine natural ingredients with the latest science.
  2. How They Sell: Monat uses a multi-level marketing (MLM) model. This means they sell products through a network of independent sellers called Market Partners. These partners make money by selling products and building their team of sellers.
  3. Ethical Products: Monat’s products are vegan and cruelty-free, meaning they don’t test on animals. This is important for customers who care about animal welfare.
  4. Natural Ingredients: Monat focuses on using natural ingredients. They aim to make safe and effective products, combining the best of nature with science.
  5. Going Global: Monat operates in the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, Poland, Spain, and Australia. This shows how popular their products have become worldwide.
  6. Helping Out: Through the Monat Gratitude Foundation, the company supports charities that help children and families, education, and the environment. This shows Monat’s commitment to giving back.
  7. Broad Product Range: Monat started with haircare but now offers skincare and wellness products. This lets customers take a full-circle approach to their beauty and health routines.
  8. Growing Fast: Since starting, Monat has quickly reached hundreds of millions of dollars in sales each year. This shows that their business model works and that there’s a big demand for their products.
  9. Overcoming Challenges: Monat has faced legal issues and complaints about product claims, just like many direct sales companies. However, it has focused on ensuring its products are safe and meet regulations.
  10. Building a Community: Monat works hard to create a strong sense of community among its Market Partners. They offer training, support, and rewards, which help build a connected and motivated team.

Monat stands out in beauty, focusing on natural ingredients, direct sales models, and ethical practices. The company’s success and dedicated customer base highlight the appeal of its products and business approach.

Font and Colors

Monat Emblem

The inscription in the logo is in a simple serif typeface. The letters have sharp corners and flat lines. The word “MONAT” breakdown is very wide, which simplifies its visual perception. The brand palette is monochrome and consists of blue combined with a white background.

Monat color codes

Dark Byzantine BlueHex color:#2d2a49
RGB:45 42 73
CMYK:38 42 0 71
Pantone:PMS 533 C