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In one drop of the Monin logo, there is a whole rainbow of colors and flavors. The emblem promises delight, pleasant emotions, and a variety of drinks that can be obtained by adding liqueurs. Thanks to the bright design, the sign makes you want to try a delicious mix.

Monin: Brand overview

Founder:Georges Monin
Bourges, France

Monin is a private international B2B company that produces alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage fillers for restaurants and bars. Main lines of business:

  • Syrups – fruit syrups for baked goods and beverages.
  • Mixtures – fruit and vegetable mixes for cocktails and desserts.
  • Sauces – caramel and chocolate for desserts.
  • Frappé – bases for thick fruit-flavored drinks.
  • Liqueurs – berry and fruit-flavored liqueurs for cocktails.
  • Concentrates – drinks, and juices.

The products are distributed in 150 countries. There are over 150 flavors in the assortment, and the list is supplemented by several items annually. In addition, the company creates custom-made solutions, taking into account the individual needs of partners and local demand. Six factories produce Monin products. More than 100 million bottles are sold each year. The company’s main headquarters is in France; representative offices are located in Asia, Australia, and America.

Meaning and History

Monin Logo History

Georges Monin did his business on the surge in French interest in cocktails. Until the 1920s, his firm, which opened in 1912 and sold wines, was little known. Its rapid development began when the owner decided to supply cocktail liqueurs to bar and restaurant owners. The production was situated in a convenient place, surrounded by fertile regions. At the same time, it was not far from the capital. That gave Monin access to the richest list of raw materials. Therefore, the businessman offered a wide range of products to the capital’s customers. In 1930, exotic variants were added to the list, the fruit for which he purchased in Africa. After the founder’s death, his business was continued by his son and then by his grandson. Thanks to the latter, several more production facilities were opened, in the USA and China.

The logo was designed by Dunn & Co in London. The concept of the mark is focused on the stability and reliability of Monin. The color variety of the products was chosen as its distinctive visual symbol.

The company’s logo is wordy. The brand’s name is written in large, solid dark brown letters with serifs. They speak of the manufacturer’s long history, confident position, business experience, and high demand for its products.

The company’s individuality is expressed in the unusual dot above the letter i. It resembles a drop, which indicates the production of liquids.

Monin Symbol

Its coloring is “striped” and includes seven colors of blue and yellow-brown hues. Monin liqueurs are colored. They are made in flavors of fruit, nuts, and chocolate. And each drink is colored in its shade. The gamma of the drop conveys the main colors of the brand’s products. In addition, there are some additional associations:

  • Colored cocktails. A drop of Monin is added to the glass and makes the drink bright. The layering of colors is associated with mixing ingredients in the glass and creating layered compositions.
  • A rainbow of holiday cheer. The company’s liqueurs and syrups lift the mood. The drop hints at cocktail umbrellas peeking out of the glasses. They bring the feeling of the beach, lounging, dancing, and sunshine.
  • Balloon dome. The drop is upside down and rises above the entire composition. Therefore, it also looks like a flying balloon. Monin products are distributed worldwide, and colorful ingredients collected from all over the globe are supplied for their production.
  • Maximum variety. The company strives to constantly expand its offerings to give consumers a wealth of flavors for holiday and club drinks and desserts. Takes into account the interests of all its customers (there are unique offers, sugar-free syrups, concentrates). The colored drop indicates a desire to surprise, be diverse, unusual, exotic.

Under the tips of the letters M and N, small strips create the impression of reflection in the water, which supports the association with the water element.

Font and Colors

Monin Emblem

The colors chosen for the logo convey the retailer’s assortment:

  • Purple – figs, currants, blueberries, blackberries.
  • Lilac – violet.
  • Raspberry – raspberries.
  • Red – cherry, acerola, blood orange, strawberry, watermelon.
  • Brown – chocolate.
  • Orange – orange, apricot, caramel.
  • Yellow – lemon, agave, banana.

The dark brown color of the name letters is associated with coffee and tea, beverages for which the brand products are also produced. The brown also speaks of experience, and the blue and red-yellow color scheme speaks of creative passion for their business.

The font of the logo is DIN.

Monin color codes

BistreHex color:#382514
RGB:56 37 20
CMYK:0 34 64 78
Pantone:PMS 4625 C