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The Monsta X logo allows you to see the invisible. The band makes excellent use of negative space, so its visual identity is literally “readable” between the lines. This approach puts the brand at the top of the competition, as the South Korean boy band is designed for teenage girls who adore everything bright, impressive, and unusual.

Monsta X: Brand overview

Founded:2015 – present
Founder:Starship Entertainment
Seoul, South Korea
South Korean pop group Monsta X belongs to the category of boy bands; that is, its main target audience is teenage girls. At the same time, the musicians are known for their aggressive style: the tracks combine rap poetry, elements of percussion genres of electronica, and bright vocals. To some extent, they can be called the founders of a new generation of K-pop.

Meaning and History

Monsta X Logo History

The group Monsta X was formed from the seven finalists of the No.Mercy program, where young artists competed among themselves for the right to get into a promising musical project. She made her debut in 2015 with the mini album Trespass, which was released by South Korean entertainment and record company Starship Entertainment.

The creators of the boy band decided on its name as quickly as the composition. They coined the word “Monsta,” a neologism with a double meaning. Firstly, it is consonant with the word “monster”; that is, it represents the group members as “monsters of the pop scene.” Secondly, its origin may be related to the French language. At least the first syllable is “mon,” which in this case translates as “mine.” And “sta,” in turn, resembles the unfinished word “star.”

The letter “X” in mathematics denotes an unknown number, in colloquial speech – an unknown object. So in the name Monsta X, she symbolizes something mysterious, indefinite. This mysticism is reflected in the visual identity of the boy band. For example, each member of a musical group has an individual emblem in the form of a separate rune or a whole combination of runes. The group logo also looks non-trivial: it consists of abstract patterns and inscriptions.

What is Monsta X?

Monsta X is a popular music group from South Korea that formed in 2015 and was formed by members of the TV show No.Mercy. She performs songs in the genres of R&B, hip-hop, and K-pop. As of 2021, it consists of six artists.

2015 – 2019

Monsta X Logo 2015

In 2015, the classic version of the Monsta X logo appeared, which contained a monogram of the letters “M” and “X.” Based on the design, the glyphs were taken from a modified Blackletter font. “X” was used as a base, and “M” adjoined it from above. It was an “X” with two additional lines pointing in different directions. At the very top was an inverted triangle with two thin stripes.

The monogram visually resembled a person: the lower half of the “X” was perceived as legs, the protruding parts of the “M” looked like hands, and the triangle was for the head. Beneath this abstract image was the boy band’s name, written in lower case letters. The designers used the gothic font Cloister Black for it – also, by the way, in the Blackletter style. All elements were black against a white background.

2019 – today

Monsta X Logo

Four years after first entering the stage, the musical group updated its logo, introducing a version without a monogram. Now it is an abstract pattern consisting of four lines. Two of them are in the form of zigzags. They arch and intersect in the central part, forming a stylized letter “X.” Two more stripes are located at the edges and look like vertical parallelograms.

The phrase “MONSTA X” is at the very bottom, centered. Its font is noticeably different from what it was before: now, it is not one of the Blackletter versions but a strict sans serif with low-contrast strokes.

Font and Colors

Monsta X Emblem

The most significant element of the band’s first logo was an inverted triangle. It was associated with the non-conformism that characterized the early Monsta X albums. In 2019, the musicians got rid of this graphic sign and designed the emblem in a runic style to match the individual symbols of the band members.

Monsta X Symbol

In four years, boy band Monsta X has dramatically changed its typography, moving from the frilly Cloister Black typeface, which is a variation of Blackletter, to low-contrast sans serifs. The typeface with vertically elongated letters is reminiscent of WRKSTT Graphicstudio’s Chairdrobe Medium. But the logo’s colors have always been minimalistic: a simple black and white palette showed all the ambiguity and mystery of the musical group.

Monsta X color codes

BlackHex color:#000000
RGB:0 0 0
CMYK:0 0 0 100
Pantone:PMS Process Black C