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The Monster Jam logo indicates the association of the image with the world of car racing and vehicles. The emblem calls for attention and caution and invites to enjoy the mastery of driving cars.

Monster Jam: Brand overview

Founder:Feld Entertainment
Palmetto, Florida, United States

Monster Jam is a competition between monster truck drivers in three categories (racing, freestyle, and two-wheel driving). Events are held worldwide in sports stadiums from January to May, culminating in a grand finale in Orlando. The Monster Jam logo has adorned 21 monster trucks World Finals.

The competitions are held under the auspices of the American USHRA (The United States Hot Rod Association). Over its existence, the races have changed five owners. Currently, the series is owned by FELD Motorsports.

Meaning and History

Monster Jam Logo History

Each new owner made changes to the Monster Jam logo. As a result, the emblem has undergone more than six updates.

What is Monster Jam?

Monster Jam is a monster truck competition in which the best participants are selected through qualifying stages. In the final two-day competition, 32 trucks participate which can score a maximum of 45 points. The winner claims the world champion title for one year.

1991 – 1992

Super Trax Logo 1991

The first competition took place in 1992 at the Pontiac Silverdome arena under the auspices of the USHRA. The first logo was designed for this event. The emblem features a road with the inscription “Super trax” on top, which announces collision races and indicates the impressive size of the participants.

1993 – 1997

USHRA Monster Wars Logo 1993

The competitions began to be broadcast on television, attracting significant attention to the series. SRO/Pace acquired the rights to Monster Jam, after which the name was changed to Monster Wars. The new logo is designed as a metallic sign, symbolizing the strength and power of the participants. Lightning bolts emanate from the word Monster, highlighting the passion and speed of the races.

1998 – 2000

Motor Madness Logo 1998

In 1998, SRO/Pace was acquired by SFX Entertainment, which decided to add freestyle competitions to the series. The logo and the name of the races changed again. The competitions were now called Motor Madness. The emblem was designed as a road sign with a large letter M and the name of the races at the bottom in black font. The large letter emphasized the size of the trucks. Above the sign, the abbreviation of the TNN channel was located, where the competition broadcasts started that year.

2001 – 2002

Monster Jam Logo 2001

In 2000, Clear Channel acquired SFX Entertainment (Live Nation) and became the new owner of the races. With the aim of creating the supershow for which the company was known, the Monster Jam World Finals were introduced, taking place in Las Vegas until 2018 and then moved to Orlando. Original trucks were designed for the races. The new owners also changed the name to the more neutral Monster Jam, indicating the format of the show rather than a dirty fight.

The logo remained similar to the previous one, in the form of a road sign with a large M but with a different name, executed in white color. This shade emphasizes the competitive nature rather than confrontation.

2003 – 2008

Monster Jam Logo 2003

Live Nation separated from Clear Channel. The competitions expanded beyond America and started in Europe. The owners seriously focused on creating an attractive visual identity.

The background of the emblem resembles overlapping iron plates with rivets, symbolizing the strengthening of the truck body to increase its strength and wear resistance. The name of the competition is displayed in metallic letters over the background.

At the bottom of the composition are checkered flags used in racing, and in the center is a shield with the American flag, paying tribute to the homeland of Monster Jam. This shield belongs to the American HOT ROD Association (transformed cars), under whose auspices the competitions took place all these years.

2009 – 2011

Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Logo 2009

In 2008, Feld Entertainment, a company specializing in traveling shows, acquired the series from Live Nation. Its subsidiary, Feld Motor Sports, began managing the sporting events.

The new owner kept the triangle and inscription that appeared on the previous logo. However, a red stripe with the name Advanced Auto Parts was added at the top – the organization that sponsored the competitions starting from 2009.

2012 – 2015

Monster Jam Logo 2012

The hot rod association IHRA, which organized all the races, was sold to Palm Beach International Raceway and transformed into IRG Sports + Entertainment by merging with Memphis International Raceway. Such changes led to a change in the emblem and approach to organizing competitions. For Monster Jam, they kept the previous logo, removing all additional inscriptions.

2016 – today

Monster Jam Logo

The logo changed the format. It has fewer metallic details. The triangle turned into a road sign with yellow edging, and a radiator grille was located in the center. The inscription with the name is now made with white letters, not metallic ones.

In recent years, many trucks with stylish designs have been released. Metallic rivets and details no longer play a leading role in the appearance of the race participants. The triangular sign serves as a warning road sign, indicating a dangerous section where drivers should be particularly attentive.

Font and Colors

Monster Jam Emblem

The main colors are gray and yellow. Gray symbolizes metal, corresponding to the construction of racing cars. Yellow is associated with fun competitions and signifies readiness to start at a traffic light. The font is reminiscent of Lustra Text Black.

Monster Jam Symbol

Monster Jam color codes

Golden YellowHex color:#fedc01
RGB:254 220 1
CMYK:0 13 100 0
Pantone:PMS 109 C
Raisin BlackHex color:#231f21
RGB:35 31 33
CMYK:0 11 6 86
Pantone:PMS Neutral Black C
CharcoalHex color:#444951
RGB:68 73 81
CMYK:16 10 0 68
Pantone:PMS 7540 C
Dark GrayHex color:#a8abaf
RGB:168 171 175
CMYK:4 2 0 31
Pantone:PMS 429 C