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The global effect that is hidden behind the simple packaging of the company’s funds is demonstrated by the Moroccanoil logo. Despite one main component in the composition, the brand’s products can work wonders and have a wide spectrum of action.

Moroccanoil: Brand overview

Founder:Carmen Tal
New York, U.S.
Moroccanoil is a young but already legendary brand that produces cosmetic argan oil. The founder of the brand is Carmen Tal, who has chosen the direction of hair care. This production entity is owned by a company of the same name from Israel.

Meaning and History

Moroccanoil Symbol

The emergence of the trademark, and then its emblem, began with the Israeli travel Carmen Tal. Having visited the hot southern country, she noticed that the women’s hair there is incredibly strong, lush, and well-groomed. The case turned out to be argan oil, so the entrepreneur decided to focus on it. The logo is also based on its style.

The branding contains the only text: one in the form of a name, the other in the form of a letter. The Moroccanoil lettering sits on top of a single M that serves as its background. At the same time, they have a common white substrate.

What is Moroccanoil?

Moroccanoil is a line of organic shampoos founded in 2007. It is an invention of Carmen Tal, who discovered the revitalizing properties of argan oil during a trip, which became the main component of her cosmetic products. The main ingredient is produced in Morocco and is an environmentally friendly product: 100% free of preservatives, dyes, and other additives. It is obtained by cold pressing.

Moroccanoil: Interesting Facts

Moroccanoil is a famous haircare brand loved by many for its use of argan oil, a special oil from Morocco.

  1. How It Started: Carmen Tal, one of the founders, tried argan oil on her hair while visiting Israel and loved how it made her look and feel. She decided to start Moroccanoil to share this with others.
  2. Why Argan Oil? Argan oil comes from the nuts of argan trees in Morocco. It’s great for hair and skin because it contains antioxidants and vitamin E.
  3. First of Its Kind: In 2008, Moroccanoil released a hair treatment that was one of the first to use oil to make hair smooth and soft. People liked it, and it helped start a trend.
  4. Caring for the Planet: The company sources its argan oil in a way that benefits the women who collect it in Morocco and does not harm the environment.
  5. More Than Just Hair: Moroccanoil now also makes products for the body and skin, all using argan oil.
  6. Winning Awards: The brand has won many awards for being innovative and effective.
  7. Celebrities Love It: Many famous people and professional hairstylists use Moroccanoil products, which has helped make the brand even more popular.
  8. Helping Stylists Grow: Moroccanoil trains hairstylists and beauty professionals to improve their work.
  9. Available Everywhere: Moroccanoil products are available in over 65 countries, which shows their popularity worldwide.
  10. Giving Back: The company supports important causes, especially those that help women, children, and the environment.

Moroccanoil has become a big deal in beauty by focusing on quality, innovation, and caring for both people and the planet.

Font and Colors

Moroccanoil Emblem

The word “Moroccanoil” is in the chopped Sans Serif: the typeface is classically straight and smooth. The same font is used for the “M” sign. The color palette of the emblem echoes the Moroccan motives, where the argan tree comes from. Yellow represents hot sands; aquamarine represents ocean waters.

Moroccanoil color codes

Orange PeelHex color:#ffa31b
RGB:255 163 27
CMYK:0 36 89 0
Pantone:PMS 137 C
Spanish Sky BlueHex color:#00b1e6
RGB:0 177 230
CMYK:100 23 0 10
Pantone:PMS 312 C