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Judging by its design, the Mossberg logo is a tribute to the company’s founder, who was born in Sweden. And also, the emblem of the legendary arms brand symbolizes greatness, courage, high status, and strength. It is a demonstration of unwavering spirit and confidence.

Mossberg: Brand overview

Founded:March 1919
Founder:Oscar Frederick Mossberg and sons
North Haven, New Haven, Connecticut, United States
Mossberg is an American company that manufactures and sells firearms. She is also known as “O.F. Mossberg & Sons.” The basis of production is shotguns and rifles, as well as additional accessories for weapons, namely sights. The company was founded in March 1919 by Oskar Frederik Mossberg and his sons. The company is headquartered in North Haven, Connecticut. It is worth noting that this brand is known worldwide; therefore, it is not surprising that the products are available in more than 50 countries. Mossberg employs more than 500 people.

Meaning and History

Mossberg Logo History

Visual brand recognition is quite average, despite the company’s overall popularity. This is because, in some cases, a person often hears the name itself but at the same time does not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the emblem.

The logo consists of a word inscription placed inside an oval frame with a yellow outline. It should be noted right away that the frame itself is a direct reference to the flag of Sweden. This is quite logical because it is from there that the company’s founder, Oscar Mossberg, comes. Therefore, for people who understand flags, the logo becomes interesting in itself because everyone wants to know why the symbol of Sweden is placed on the emblem of the legendary weapons brand. Also, the background for the word frame can be associated with the Scandinavian cross, which is considered a well-known symbol of Christianity.

What is Mossberg?

This is one of the most famous brands for the production of weapons. It was the weapons of this American brand that often became the basis for computer games, as well as films in the action genre.

Mossberg Symbol

The inscription “Mossberg” itself is depicted in blue on a yellow horizontal line of the cross. It is in an elegant, bold serif typeface, directly nods to the brand’s long history. In order to emphasize the status and authority of the company, all letters were made in upper case. However, the first letter, “M,” is slightly enlarged compared to the others.

There are also three yellow crowns in the upper right square. Two are on the same level, and the third is slightly higher. They demonstrate unity, courage, and royalty.

The Mossberg logo is a tribute to the history and a reference to the founder’s birthplace. The color palette is also yellow and blue, which is completely identical to the flag of Sweden. Looking at the logo, a person gets a feeling of confidence and security, and this is exactly what a trademark for the production of weapons should provide.

It is worth noting that sometimes the company uses a slightly different color palette, namely black and white. This is done when placing an emblem on a weapon. Speaking globally, it is clear that Mossberg has been working for a long time to create an optimal logo that would immediately attract the target audience’s attention.

Font and Color

Mossberg Emblem

The logo is based on a classic elegant serif typeface. It is very appropriately combined with the emblem’s background; therefore, it can be placed on any surface without any problems. Capital letters only emphasize the desire to develop the company.

The main color palette is yellow-blue. This is directly related to the company’s founder being originally from Sweden. Moreover, the Scandinavian cross looks powerful and stable and evokes the necessary emotions from potential buyers.

Mossberg color codes

SaffronHex color:#f6c93b
RGB:246 201 59
CMYK:0 18 76 4
Pantone:PMS 123 C
Star Command BlueHex color:#0081c1
RGB:0 129 193
CMYK:100 33 0 24
Pantone:PMS 7461 C