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The logo of Motionless in White resembles a wild plant from which tendrils branch out. The emblem fills the space, turning it into a wild, impenetrable terrain. The symbol represents neglect and decay where death has visited.

Motionless in White: Brand overview

In the small town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, a group of high school friends led by Chris “Motionless” Cerulli and including Angelo Parente, among others, came together in 2005 to create what would become the gothic metalcore sensation Motionless in White. Their unique blend of horror-themed visuals and a sound that melds metalcore with gothic undertones quickly caught the attention of the local music scene.

By 2007, the band had released their first EP, “The Whorror,” under the independent label Masquerade Records, setting the stage for their ascent in the metalcore world. Their early work, including the critically acclaimed album “Creatures” in 2010, solidified their standing within the metal community, attracting a dedicated following with their thematic complexity and sonic intensity.

Despite experiencing numerous lineup changes over the years, the band hit their stride with the release of “Reincarnate” in 2014 under Fearless Records. Chris Motionless, as the band’s steadfast leader and now the only original member, alongside newer additions like guitarist Ryan Sitkowski, propelled Motionless in White into the mainstream rock arena with hit singles such as “Reincarnate” and “Break the Cycle.”

Their momentum only continued to build with the 2017 release of “Graveyard Shift” through Roadrunner Records, achieving their first top 20 entry on the Billboard charts. Their growing international fame saw them performing at prestigious festivals worldwide, including Warped Tour and Download, captivating audiences with their dynamic fusion of dark, electronic metalcore sounds.

Over a decade and a half since its inception, Motionless in White, with Chris Motionless at the helm, remains a formidable force in the music industry. Their enduring appeal lies in their ability to intertwine gothic aesthetics with industrial and metal elements, engaging a global fanbase drawn to their distinctive horror-inspired artistry and musical aggression.

Meaning and History

Motionless in White Logo History

The band has been performing together since 2004. However, finding their name and then their emblem took time. Initially, the group was called One Way Ticket, after a song and album by Eruption, and then When Breathing Stops. The band adopted its current name in 2005.

The group’s first logo is visible on the EP The Whorror, recorded with Masquerade Recordings, and on their first album, When Love Met Destruction. The sign looked grim, hinting at knightly weapons. The band’s name was placed on two levels with sharp extensions on M and a very long T, whose leg dropped level with White, resembling a dagger. The emblem conveyed themes of death, a pierced heart, and pain.

The current logo emerged after a lineup update with the release of the album Creatures on Fearless in 2010. The album marked a new chapter in the band’s history.

What is Motionless in White?

An American musical quintet from Pennsylvania. They have released six albums and perform horror and gothic metal. A documentary film about the group, Disguise, has been made. The lineup often changes. The band’s image is associated with vocalist Chris Cerulli, the only member who has been playing since its inception. The group’s success is modest, with their highest achievement being the lower ranks of the Billboard 200.

2010 – today

Motionless in White Logo

The emblem of the group consists of its name. According to the members, the name is connected to the work of the band Eighteen Visions, whose songs the musicians were fans of. Their single “Motionless and White” was considered the most successful creation of the band in California. The hit is addressed to a drug addict, urging them to stop before it’s too late.

Interestingly, the group’s name corresponds to the nickname of the lead vocalist – Chris Cerulli. As the only remaining member from the original lineup, he can rightfully be considered the father of the group and can carry its name.

Another version of the name’s origin comes from a line in The Birthday Massacre’s song “Ghost in the Mirror,” which goes: “Motionless in time, a vision from the past,” which the lead singer thought was very fitting for the group.

The name, describing a white mask of death, is complemented in the emblem by a similar writing style. It appears as if the viewer is looking at a frightening black garden or a cemetery overgrown with weeds. The symbolism aligns with the band’s work. Everything from the musicians’ nicknames – Motionless, Horror – to their horror images speaks of fear and death. Bleached faces, black shadows, sewn mouths, etc. Most songs touch on the theme of death and dead people: Corpse Nation, Black Damask, Broadcasting from Beyond the Grave: Death Inc.

The letters with tendrils echo the design and name of the album Creatures, where numerous fans, depicted as monsters, create a web of hands reaching out to Motionless in White. The album’s songs are composed of lines written by the band’s fans, which inspired the album cover’s imagery.

According to the musicians themselves, the emblem represents the group in a gothic and horror style.

Font and Colors

Motionless in White Emblem

The black monochrome is unsurprising for the band’s logo. The black branches support the theme of goths and the band’s dark style of music, which is created with keyboard effects. Horror books, movies, and forbidden dark themes inspire the band. Therefore, black in the emblem reflects death and burial.

The font of the inscription is unique due to the complete transformation of each letter.

Motionless in White Symbol