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Mediterranean Shipping Company is in the container shipping business, so its logo represents the readiness to go anywhere worldwide to deliver goods on time. In addition, the MSC logo symbolizes a new dawn and movement towards a better future.

MSC: Brand overview

Geneva, Switzerland

MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company) Cruises is a cruise company owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company S.A. It was founded in 1970 in Naples, Italy. Its founder is the Italian sailor Gianluigi Aponte. The headquarters is located in Geneva, Switzerland. The change in the location of the headquarters is directly related to the tax system in Switzerland because it is considered more favorable for entrepreneurial activity. MSC Cruises is the fourth largest cruise line behind Carnival Corporation, Royal Caribbean Cruises, and Norwegian Cruise Line. MSC Cruises accounts for about 7.5% of passengers. Their total number exceeds, on average, two million people a year. In turn, the company ranks fifth in terms of profit. In terms of cruise destinations, the company is divided into Western Mediterranean, Eastern Mediterranean, Northern Europe, the Caribbean, Cuba, and Asia. In total, about 16 thousand employees work for the cruise company.

Currently, the MSC Cruises fleet consists of 19 ships. It should be noted that since 2000 the company’s cruise liners have been built according to the project. No more than four ships were built for each project. Each such ship has the most similar layout but with a slightly different design. At the same time, old ships are decommissioned when the company realizes that they will not be in demand by customers.

Meaning and History

MSC Cruise Symbol

Visual recognition of the brand is at a high level among travel enthusiasts in Europe and other popular destinations. For all the time, one logo was presented, and therefore it is easily recognizable against the background of competitors who often try to modernize emblems and other visual attributes.

Speaking globally, it consists of a verbal inscription with the name of the company, as well as an emblem located on the left. If we talk about the verbal inscription, then it is located in two lines. The name “MSC” is written on the first in powerful capital letters. For this abbreviation, a classic bold serif font was used. On the second line, also in capital letters, but in a much smaller size, “Cruises” is written. Do not forget that the parent company has several activities, including freight transportation.

What is a Mediterranean Shipping Company?

This is one of the most famous companies in the world, which is engaged in cargo shipping. More than 50 years of experience have allowed the company to establish optimal logistics routes.

If we talk about the emblem, then this is a stylized sun inside, and there is also an abbreviation made in two lines. The letter “m” is written on the top more voluminously, and “sc” is on the bottom. Between these lines, there is a wavy horizontal line. The sun is made in the form of a white circle with a yellow outline. Twelve rays depart from this circle so that you can see the analogy with the clock.

In general, the logo looks maximally and progressively. People who get acquainted with it immediately have associations with warm weather and sea travel.

Font and Color

MSC Cruise Emblem

For the word lettering, in general, a classic bold serif font was used. However, the main “highlight” is the size of the letters. If on the first line they look more powerful, indicating that the company is a world leader when it comes to marine tourism, then the additional inscription “Cruise” only confirms this.

The color palette consists of navy blue and white. In principle, the choice is quite expected because many people associate water in the ocean with blue.

MSC color codes

Blue BlackHex color:#000032
RGB:0 0 50
CMYK:100 100 0 80
Pantone:PMS 2768 C